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  1. The below works in AWS. I haven't worked much with Azure's networking environment, but I can't imagine (well, I can, it's Microsoft) that the DNAT / SNAT workings are too different. Assign PUB IP to instance/interface, then just change the below configs in Kamailio and Freeswitch. If you're using an all-in-one, then you'll just need one PUB. I've got a clustered setup going with my Kama and FS instances separate. On Freeswitch - Remember FS trunks directly out of the cluster. It does not route out back through Kamailio. nano /etc/kazoo/freeswitch/sip_profiles/sipinterface_1.x
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  2. Hi all, Is there a guide / how to on setting up Kazoo in Azure? If not, does anyone want to help me create one for the community? If I'm building the environment in Azure, I might as well share the lessons learnt. I heard that as the public IP is not visible inside the VM, the out of the box config does not work? Any inputs are welcome. Cheers
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  3. Check this out: https://upcloud.com/compare/azure/ https://upcloud.com/pricing/
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  4. I don't think he is looking for alternatives to Azure. He wants to know how to get Kazoo to work within Azure Cloud. The only issue I can think of is Kamailio not being able to bind to the external IP. Does anyone have config examples of how to use Kamailio when it cannot bind to the external IP? I know someone had got Kazoo working within Docker which would have required a similar type of config.
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  5. I know @Shah personally, and I know that he is a Microsoft partner and works with Microsoft solutions on a daily basis. If your DM doesn't involve getting Kazoo working in Azure, it will not be useful. If it is about getting Kazoo working in Azure, please do share for the community.
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