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    Took a bit of time and looked through Product Board Roadmap - 2600Hz Community - If you want to add to the Roadmap, or put in your two cents. That's the place to do it! Best, esoare
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    Easy fix! As per the information from the Polycom forums, there are a variety of fields you can enable/disable: https://community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP-SIP-Phones/FAQ-How-can-I-create-a-local-directory-or-what-is-the/td-p/8216 The one I think you're referring to is sd (speed dial) which adds them to the home screen. You have to set a value for this (it can't just be 0 for disabled) so we just delete this tag from our XML files completely and then it goes away on the home screen.
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    No, it's not closed source. But we have paused on the public stuff to try and finish our app exchange. We are 10 years into this company and the entire point of the company was the app exchange, and it's still not done, so we're finishing that before we finalize and release 5.x
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    The below works in AWS. I haven't worked much with Azure's networking environment, but I can't imagine (well, I can, it's Microsoft) that the DNAT / SNAT workings are too different. Assign PUB IP to instance/interface, then just change the below configs in Kamailio and Freeswitch. If you're using an all-in-one, then you'll just need one PUB. I've got a clustered setup going with my Kama and FS instances separate. On Freeswitch - Remember FS trunks directly out of the cluster. It does not route out back through Kamailio. nano /etc/kazoo/freeswitch/sip_profiles/sipinterface_1.xml Set <param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="auto"/> to <param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="x.x.x.x."/> (x.x.x.x is the external IP you have assigned to this instance) Set <param name="local-network-acl" value="localnet.auto"/> to <param name="local-network-acl" value="NOPE"/> # “NOPE” doesn't matter, just not localnet.auto On Kamailio nano /etc/kazoo/kamailio/local.cfg Should be down at the bottom of the file. The advertise flag essentially tells Kamailio what to change the IP to when it detects NAT. listen=UDP_SIP advertise x.x.x.x:5060 listen=TCP_SIP advertise x.x.x.x:5060 (where x.x.x.x is your public IP address you assigned) I believe that's it. Hopefully that'll help.
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    Hi, Replying about how to restrict CLID, I think what you are looking for is the "ensure_valid_callerid" in system_config/callflow. By default it is set to false, just change it to true you can also check the complete document here: https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/applications/crossbar/priv/couchdb/schemas/system_config.callflow.json
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    Our SMS to Email gateway is code complete and in beta testing with a couple providers. We should be ready by next week for additional beta testers.
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    I managed to fix the callcenter app for ACDC in monster-ui v.4.3. You can get it at https://github.com/clara007/monster-ui-callcenter and test it too.
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    I was able to use streaming audio Music on Hold option via Advanced Callflows>Misc>Account's Music on Hold. Selected the Stream URL option and entered the link as shout://icstream01.thepleaseholdgroup.com:8000/phgteststream Just had to replace http:// with shout:// on the link. Tested successfully with calls on hold, parked calls and call transfers!
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    I will follow the suggestion and give it a try. Thanks.
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    We are using New Rock Technologies’ 4/8 port FXO gateways, as well as ISDN PRI gateways for PSTN connectivity. They are pretty generic comparing to others. I am, really, looking for general method of setting up outside lines with these gateways rather than SIP trunks on Kazoo platform. Thanks
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    Hello, I was wondering, would using a Kafka connect source to stream changes to account documents in Couchdb be likely to cause issues for Kazoo? I intend on try this soon with a basic install soon but was wondering if bypassing things like crossbar, amqp etc and monitoring changes in Couchdb directly in a readonly manner would be likely to cause issues? Looking to use, https://github.com/xebia/kafka-connect-couchdb but will only be sourcing data out of couchdb, not trying to sink into it. I think any updates to Kazoo should be made though the appropriate methods such as over crossbar etc. I know there is notifications for changes to account docs over AMQP but they lack the details of what specifically has changed requiring a call to crossbar to get that account doc, but with uncertainty over what has actually changed. So the idea would be to bypass this process and stream changes from couchdb directly to a Topic in Kafka for a stream processor to determine whats changed and then make updates to topic for sink connectors to effect other systems appropriately. Basically am wondering if there is anything about Kazoo which result in this being a no go? Or is there a better approach for determining changes to docs without putting an unnecessarily high load into Kazoo / Crossbar etc
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    Hi all, Thanks for all the answers, much appreciated. It finally worked by referring to Meat's detailed information. Here is my configuration. On Freeswitch vi /etc/kazoo/freeswitch/sip_profiles/sipinterface_1.xml <param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="x.x.x.x"/> ##x.x.x.x is the external IP address you have assigned to this instance <param name="local-network-acl" value="NOPE"/> ##this is the setting I hadn't configured before, so the RTP routing had problems. systemctl restart kazoo-freeswitch On Kamailio vi /etc/kazoo/kamailio/local.cfg listen=udp:a.a.a.a:5060 advertise x.x.x.x:5060 ##a.a.a.a is your private IP address x.x.x.x is the external IP address systemctl restart kazoo-kamailio Thanks Tommy
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    Not directly with a built in method, but you can build a call flow with a time of day to do it.
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    Hi, How do we deal with 711 Reserved Number Telecommunications Relay Service (TTY), Direct the call to third party service? Thanks
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    Thanks Karl again! Will test it
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    Oh wow! going to test it. Thank you so much.
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    For the T33G there is an issue around white noise generation where you can hear a sort of sine loop audio in the back ground. The newest firmware fixes most of this. It is actually a sort of sine loop audio that phases high and low. You can hear it when you pick up the handset and remove the dial tone in while the handset is still off the cradle.
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    That is a great question @RuhNet! Can some one chime in and let us know what issues there have been with v85…?
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    What are the types of issues that v85 firmware is causing?
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    Thank you Darren for sharing... Want access to this cool pop-up that shows you shortcuts in your Monster apps? Just press ? while in your screen and Voila! you will be graced with: I especially love the one where you can Show Fake Phone Numbers <Shift-S> Great for sharing screen shots with Support and/or among your customers!
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    We also need v85 support for for using the T5XW series Bluetooth with Yealink's new line of DECT headsets like the WH66. I have to manually upgrade phones to v85 to pair. Also, the latest T33G v85 firmware fixes some handset audio issues.
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    @G2G I did this today for a client.... They wanted a recording about a snow day to play, and then calls to continue as they normally do for business hours 899 will be where the main number for the business comes in. There is a Time 24x7 that is what it says, S-S 00:00-23:59 every day. The 900 Call Flow is the next Call flow with Time You have the Work Week M-F, 8am-5pm... These are the two Call flows that interest us. Setup this Call Flow with TTS: "Hello, I can help you open and close your office manually. For instance you may want to force your office to be closed during a holiday. Or, may want force your office to be opened if you will be staying late. A quick note before we get started, please do not end this call early or your system may not behave as expected. I will hang up the call when we are all finished. To reset your office back to the schedule setup when your system was configured, please press 1. To manually close your office, please press 2. To manually open your office, please press 3. To Manually set a recording for Snow_Or other event closure_ Press 4. Thank you" Then Setup a BLF on the receptionist phone emergency_change_business_schedule When Button 1 is pressed - Everything Normal - BLF light Blank When Button 2 is pressed - Business Closed - BLF light Solid Red When Button 3 is pressed - Business Is Open - BLF light Solid Red When Button 4 is pressed - Weather Message - BLF light Flashing Red I Tried to rack my brain on how to do it with 1 Call Flow and more options, but had to resort to what I did with 2 Call Flows and Times above. (You of course have your Day/Night Call flows also to setup. Hope that helps someone! esoare p.s. thanks again to those that put the original effort into documenting things! *96
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    Hi all, Is there a guide / how to on setting up Kazoo in Azure? If not, does anyone want to help me create one for the community? If I'm building the environment in Azure, I might as well share the lessons learnt. I heard that as the public IP is not visible inside the VM, the out of the box config does not work? Any inputs are welcome. Cheers
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    You might find this link helpful. Although it's for AWS, the same config (at least mostly) would apply to Azure. https://github.com/OpenTelecom/kazoo-install-guide
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    I was looking to setup Speed dial for numbers like Dialing 11 --> predefined number , Dialing 12 ->> other pre defined PSTN number...
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    We have been trying to get this working as well. Unfortunatly this doesn't seem to work on a user level, it does on a device level tho. Any thoughts @mc_?
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    Download our .pdf 2600Hz Named Best Wholesale Cloud Communications Provider of the Year.pdf 2600Hz Named Best Wholesale Cloud Communications Provider of the Year NEWS PROVIDED BY 2600hz, Inc. Jul 31, 2020, 06:12 ET SAN FRANCISCO, July 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 2600Hz, a leading provider of unified business communications and the world-renowned KAZOO platform, has been named Best Wholesale Cloud Communications Provider of the Year by a panel of industry-leading analysts as part of the UC Today UC Awards 2020. During the awards ceremony, UC Today publisher Rob Scott stated the category was open to providers demonstrating channel growth and success. After Blair Pleasant, President and Principal Analyst of COMMfusion, announced 2600Hz as the winner, Scott stated that 2600Hz won because "KAZOO by 2600Hz offers Service Providers a fully white labeled UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS solution enabling partners to differentiate their offerings." Scott also applauded 2600Hz's accomplishment of launching six new products in the first five months of 2020, including a new call center solution, new mobile apps, and video conferencing and collaboration. "We are very excited to have won the award for Best Wholesale Cloud Communications Providers. It is an honor to be recognized for our innovation and growth and we look forward to continued success throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond. This award is a true testament to the hard work and dedication our team has put into KAZOO, and I am very proud of them," said 2600Hz COO and Co-Founder Patrick Sullivan. About 2600Hz 2600Hz's cloud communications platform modernizes how businesses provide services to their customers. KAZOO, the revolutionary, distributed multi-tenant platform, is a thoughtfully engineered mixture of tools built by leaders in the telecom industry and implemented to offer a feature-rich enterprise UCaaS, CPaaS, CCaaS, mobile, and remote collaboration solution. 2600Hz has expanded to offer a full enterprise-PBX as well as a hosted version. For developers building their own telephony apps, 2600Hz offers 300+ APIs that give access to the building blocks of the entire platform. For more information, visit http://www.2600Hz.com. Founded in 2010, 2600Hz is a privately-owned company based in San Francisco, California. 2600Hz Contact: Alisa Bartash Head of Marketing alisa@2600hz.com SOURCE 2600Hz Related Links https://www.2600hz.com
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    Are there any docs describing what this part of the Advanced Provisioner does?
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    Hi All. We have a customer requesting us, to have the call center start with user A, and only if user A is busy the call should start with the rest of the users. So in other words, the main receptionist should always have priority to receive the calls, and only if on call, should the calls route to user B. Is this possible ?
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    Hello, I like the new interface/app you created for this. It will make it easier to train and does not require advanced call flow access. Some feedback: It would be nice if we could specify or enable a feature code for people to automatically add the last received call to a default blacklist.
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    Hi all, I understand Kazoo allows a multi tier white label option for its partners and customers. Now for each reseller added to the platform, they'll have their own URL: https://portal.reseller1.com https://portal.reseller2.com How/where do we upload the certificates for each of those domains in a self service manner so that the reseller and setup their branding? I wasn't able to find this information. Thanks in advance for help. Cheers Shah
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    i would suggest to check first on each monthly database for the account in couchdb and verify the objects corresponding to each recording are pointing to the old storage plan or any sort of reference to the old s3 bucket. Then, the next step would be to jump into writing a python or any other language to connect to couchdb and change the value for each one of the files for each monthly database. there are some sample scripts in the community scripts repo.
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    You were right @Karl Stallknecht! I went ahead and edited the Macro in the Excel file (just commented out the stuff with sd) and the file it created had 0 mentions of 'sd', so you don't have to edit the xml file manually. Thanks for helping out and sharing your knowledge! esoare directory_generator-edited removed sd.xlsm
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    Ditto. We have installed quite a few of these.
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    Check out the kit on offer from Algo Solutions like their 8301. You can preload it with a wav file and have it broadcast the audio via multicast to any device on the network. https://www.algosolutions.com/product/8301-ip-paging-adapter-bell-scheduler/
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    @Karl Stallknecht I was giving this a go with a test vvx-410. Thanks for the write up by the way!! But when testing this out, it places the contacts from the Directory as Buttons on the phone...seems unusual to me... I have uploaded the test .xml that I used... Can you provide any clarity as to: a) that is normal / b) that's odd! Thanks! esoare p.s. @Dhruv Use this excel Macro to create the directory. Follow @Karl Stallknecht post above to create the directory properly. 000000000000-directory.xml directory_generator.xlsm
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    It's probably an acceptable solution but consider the Grandstream HT801 is an analog adapter that requires the ATA and an analog phone.
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    Grandstream ATA's have a limit call duration. I saw it on the HT801 Thanks !
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    yes, we had similar issue earlier, but once we updated to 4.3.58 , issue was gone, now it seems to have hit back.
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    I don't believe there are timers in Kazoo that can be used for this purpose. However, you can create your own and use https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/applications/crossbar/doc/channels/ to invoke a hangup after the expired time.
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    ok guys i am really sorry about this, I will start new post. Thanks Naveed
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    Well that's good to hear, but what about us that are doing active development in 5.0 and trying to get PRs pushed and stuff. What happens now?
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    Hey @SIPGuy what app are you using for setup your queues? As for managing your callflows, there is a open source version of the callflows app which contains all of the ACDC actions you will need, you can find it at https://github.com/OpenTelecom/monster-ui-callflows-ng. Good luck
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    Any open source community members have input into this question by @SIPGuy??? esoare
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    We are currently working on an SMS to Email application. People will be able to SMS your 2600hz landline number and you will receive an email with the content. Additional, you will be able to reply via the received email and the sender will receive an SMS with the content of the email. Looking to have this in beta in the next few weeks. Message me, if you are interested.
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    Does that softphone use outbound proxy setting? If the realm is not resolved through DNS, you must use Realm and IP address to register Domain: The account's realm Outbound proxy: The server's ip address
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    Check this out: https://upcloud.com/compare/azure/ https://upcloud.com/pricing/
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    I don't think he is looking for alternatives to Azure. He wants to know how to get Kazoo to work within Azure Cloud. The only issue I can think of is Kamailio not being able to bind to the external IP. Does anyone have config examples of how to use Kamailio when it cannot bind to the external IP? I know someone had got Kazoo working within Docker which would have required a similar type of config.
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