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    Below is a list of the applications developed by 2600Hz for KAZOO using the Monster UI Interface and documentation related to it. 
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    Smart PBX

    Call Center Pro

    Porting Manager   comm.io     CSV Onboarding   CallThru.us

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  • comm.io To Do list | Release notes

    To Do List, comm.io
    Below is a list of issues and feature requests logged.

    NOTE: The list is only a list, it does not represent any order or timeframe for completion.  If you have new requests or issues not shown here, please add a comment below and/or send an email to feedback@2600hz.com.


    • Supporting Firefox when downloading comm.io app
    • Helper text / Tool tip to show why a device is unregistered
    • Add Linux / Ubuntu distribution
    • White label enhancements - replace comm.io logo
    • Support for Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure installations
    • Add a changelog file
    • Websockets for real-time events

    Video Conferences

      • When disconnected due to internet issues, reconnection process looks for dialpad that isn't displayed
      • Permissions for controls
        • Disable "Kick" for Participants
      • Ability to include attendees outside account (desktop access)
      • Ability to add a text banner for video conferencing


      • Show current call duration for calls on hold
      • Add contact list access
      • Support 3-way calling

      Release Notes

      Scheduled for next release:

      • Bug fix:
        • Webphone settings not being accesible
      • Bug fix:
        • fax filter with date picker 

      Released in

      • Tray icon enhancement: 
        • DND devices are collapsed
      • DTMF Defect  
        • auto focus on keyboard input
      • Conference Bug
        • ending a conference before it fully initiates doesn't kick you out of the conference

      Released in

      • Call History bug fixes
      • Bug fix on webphone not resizing on incoming call failed
      • Bug fix zoom-in shortcut
      • Fix for race condition with webphone upon first install
      • Pressing "enter" does not hang up an existing call
      • On-going internal improvements to improve app performance
      • Webphone is resizable 

      Released in

      • Hide menu for Windows OS
      • Resize webphone for incoming calls
      • Confirmation dialogue when exiting conferences
      • Tray icon: 
        • Default Windows is white
        • Bug fix for switching between dark/light themes on mac fixed
      • Windows enhancements: 
        • When the user left-clicks the tray icon, the app is opened
        • When the user clicks the app launcher and the app is running in the background, the app is opened
      • Fix missing label on fax filter
      • Update verbiage to improve UX when sending a fax to "fax in queue"
      • Bug fix for updating last_seen on timestamp

      Released in

      • Re-opening application on Windows shows the app rather than reopening the app a second time
      • Stripping out non-numerical characters for input on dialpad
      • On-going internal improvements to improve app performance
      • Additional unit tests
      • Internationalization for translation purposes
      • Fax filter datepicker enhancements
      • Fix if a user was created in callflows and does not have a number or extension assigned
      • Dedicated keypress for opening webphone if comm.io is open and running.
        • Windows: ctr+p
        • Mac: cmd+p
        • Please note, if comm.io is not open and is running in the background, this keypress will not work
      • Conference caller-id with `no_user` is now replaced with Conference extension
      • If webphone is hidden and I have a missed call or decline a call, hide webphone

      Released in

      • Fax preview button downloads instead of preview
      • Update behavior when user moves away from conference window then returns
      • "TO" calls intermittently do not appear in Call History
      • Bug: exiting screen-share in conference timer restarts main conference timer
      • Added bandwidth and connectivity to conferences
      • On-going internal improvements to app, including unit tests to improve app performance
      • Windows tray icon now supports dark / light OS theme

      Released in

      • Fax bug: caller_id_name missing in Header results in failed sent fax
      • Exiting webphone window should ask the user, "End Call? Closing the window will end the current call and all calls on hold."
      • Force manually check for an update 
      • Username is missing on comm.io device and displays as " 's comm.io Device" NOTE: any devices created BEFORE this fix, will not be corrected

      Released in 

      • Windows, app doesn't close as expected using Windows commands
        • minimize / restore behavior
        • using windows X button in dialog header
      • Conference timer on conferences does not restart
      • Bottom toolbar should sticky to bottom of the Conference page
      • Green dialpad in webphone disappears causing unregistration, competing with other OS softphones 
      • Add log file for debugging purposes
      • device icon for comm.io webphone showing as unregistered on Devices page and Devices widget, despite being registered

      Released in 

      • Disable autolaunch of comm.io from within the app once installed  (as a checkbox in Settings)
      • Add versioning information on Settings page (esp. for Windows users)
      • Incoming call comes in with existing call causes odd behavior
      • Enable ringtone option for incoming calls
      • Focus on webphone dialpad
      • Selecting row in call history dials TO, rather than FROM

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