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  • WebRTC: Setting up a Web phone

    STEP GUIDE  How to set up your web phone


    Here's an overview of the steps needed to set up a soft phone within your PBX environment using WebRTC.

    STEP 1:  

    SmartPBX_x512.pngIn Smart PBX  Add and/or enable a SIP "device" to your user listing in.  This can be a softphone, a SIP desk phone, or a SIP Smartphone.  NOTE:  If you have a device already set up and wish to use that, you can skip the first part of this STEP guide and go directly to "Activating your webphone".

    STEP 2:

    WebRTC-Phone.pngIn WebRTC  Activate / assign  which "device" you want to use as your WebRTC phone.



    Adding a  device to your user device list.  

    You may need to request step 1 be completed by your system admin, depending on the access and permissions assigned to you as a user.

    SmartPBX_x512.png Go to your Smart PBX application.

    Pick Devices from the menu at the left

    webrtc pick devices in smartpbx.png


    Pick Add Device from the top of the menu, and Soft Phone from the drop down.  NOTE you can create any type of SIP phone or use one you have already added.  

    webrtc choose add device smartpbx.png


    Add your information in this dialog box.  

    webrtc add new softphone.png


    • Give your softphone a device name that is easily recognizable.
    • A password is generated and saved automatically.  If you want to change it make sure to write it down.
    • Assign the softphone to an existing user.  





    Review Advanced Settings 

    If you want to control additional settings here, select the Advanced tab.  You will see the options below.
    NOTE: These can also be set and edited within SmartPBX at a later time;  

         Webrtc softphone advanced settngs.png                      Webrtc Advances settings restrictions.png




    Advanced Settings notes

    • Audio
      Set a ring tone from a list    of pre-installed codecs.  Drag your selection from "Available" to "Selected."
    • Video:  
      Set a ring tone from a list of pre-installed codecs.  Drag your selection from "Available" to "Selected."
    • Restrictions
      See above.  This allows. you to control the outgoing call this softphone can make.
    • Emergency Caller ID
      This assigns a physical phone number to this softphone.  If 911 is called from this softphone the dispatcher will see the phone number assigned.  NOTE: Please review the new settings and guidelines here for complying with Kari's Law in reference to e911 calling. 
    • Miscellaneous:
      See the information below related to additional settings.         

       Miscellaneouswebrtc. miscellaneous screen.png

    • Ignore Completed Elsewhere
      When checked, supporting phones will show a call missed if it was part of a ring group answered elsewhere.
    • Notify when Unregistered
      Will notify the administrator if phone is unregistered
    • Caller-ID Privacy
      Set your preferences for Caller-ID
    • WebRTC
      If checked, forces a WebRTC comaptible SDC on INVITE
    • Encrypt Audio
      Select either SRTP or ZRTP encryption


    SAVE your new device! 

    Confirm your device is enabled in the device list

    Once you have saved your device in Smart PBX, you will be returned to the device listing page.  Search for your new device and confirm it is enabled.   

    WebRTC softphone enabled SmartPBX.png

    Confirm the Softphone is assigned to the correct user

    If the setup is successful, you should see this phone listed next to your user name as shown below.

    webrtc webphone listed.png

    WebRTC softphone user listed.png


    WebRTC-Phone.png   Activating your Webphone

    Once your device is assigned in SmartPBX, you can manage its use in the WebRTC application.   

    From your main applications screen,

    Launch the WebRTC app

    NOTE:  You can choose to select the WebRTC app by double-clicking on the icon AND/OR you can move the icon to make it the default application for your desktop.  As default, this will mean your Softphone will automatically be enabled when you log in.

    • If you choose NOT to set WebRTC as your default app, you must 

    Webrtc set to default.png


    Assign your webphone

    You should see a screen similar to below.  Select the softphone you want to enable and pick save.
    NOTE: If you do not see the softphone you expect, return to SmartPBX and verify it is enabled there.  If you do not have access, check with your administrator.

    Once your SIP Username is assigned and saved, you should see the WebRTC phone dialer on your screen.   You can minimize it by picking the icon at the bottom right corner.  The "minimized" phone will display as an icon, shown to the right.

    WebRTC dialer.png

                     Minimized phone icon                 

                    WebRTC phone minimized icon.png








    • The WebRTC phone will appear on any screen you have open for your PBX.
    • You can set your default audio settings (in and out) within the virtual dialer.
    • All settings can be edited from the SmartPBX application.


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