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  1. Boring? No! Vodka? Yep! :) Here is my homebrew-scale recipe: Container Terminal Management System (JMS), taxation (SOAP), Docflow, Customs (SOAP), Railways GW (REST) <--> ESB (enterprise service bus) <--> RabbitMQ/Kazoo
  2. Hi! With these changes Kazoo became a kind of an Erlang/OTP on steroids - a platform for building scalable applications. It is not only just about telephony finally. Two years ago I tried to urge people to sell potatoes with Kazoo (was kidding a bit): https://www.slideshare.net/KirillSysoev/kazoo-billing These days I'm in progress of building web-portal and billing for container terminal (700 000 TEU) ... with Kazoo Containers are like minutes. They arrive to terminal (call comes into PBX), stored over there for a while (call duration) and leave terminal (hangup) - and here we are, we've got CDR (container detail record) :) Yes!!! Many thanks for all the hard work!!! Regards, Kirill Are there more examples of non-telephony Kazoo usage?
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