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  1. Thanks for the replies, that has cleared this one up for us!
  2. Good afternoon, We're wondering if anyone else has run into this before and potentially has a solution. What our customers want, is to use Bria across multiple devices with one set of SIP credentials. Counterpath(Bria) support says they do support this, however, it's up to the provider to handle two registrations with the same SIP credentials and send the call to the multiple endpoints. My understanding with Kazoo is the registrations walk on each other and only the most recent one gets used. Is there any way to allow one set of credentials to be used for multiple registrations, and signaling to go out to both? Thanks!
  3. We were not able to make this happen, instead we ended up having the client change their procedures to not require this feature.
  4. Good morning, We have a client looking for the Transfer Recall feature, and I'm not sure I've ever seen this supported in Kazoo. Basically how this goes on other systems is if you blind transfer a call to another extension, and that extension does not answer(or is busy) then the call rings back to the person who transferred it. In this instance, the users on the accounts do not have voicemail configured and if not answered during the transfer, the call just drops. Is this a feature that is supported in any way, or does anyone have any good workarounds here? Thanks!
  5. As I understand it, the S3 parameters are stored with each recording itself so that they can be referenced and loaded from their source even if the current recording location has since changed. You may be able to update the pvt_attachments.handler field for each recording record to point at the new storage location, but I've honestly never tried. Alternatively updating the handler used for the previous S3 storage instead of adding it as a new one may work here.
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