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  1. Hello @J-tt and welcome! Excited to have you here and testing the waters with KAZOO! Were you referring to a direct KAZOO installation guide for your own servers?
  2. Hi @Eric Bramini! Fantastic, love this intro and your insights right off the bat! Very glad to have you and your substantial wealth of wisdom and understanding in this very particular world of ours here in the community, and also thrilled to learn of your early exploration of KAZOO as a platform, it seems you're picking up what we're trying to lay out and that's the dream right there. Are we vibing at 2600Hz right now?! Welcome again and thanks for joining us!
  3. DanH


    Hi @Seb! Wow thanks for that intro, very glad to have you here! Right, what you've described does represent a pretty serious technical challenge, and it's true that many things in the world of dev are a moving target of sorts. As KAZOO continues to evolve, so too does the knowledge base. I hope that the community here is a resource to you and your team, and that you see the value in contributing back what you've learned along the way in the spirit of a collaborative community! I would first start here with all dev-related subjects: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/35-developer/ Just as an aside and in no way a plug of any kind, we do happen to have a Professional Services team that exists to extend technical knowledge and customized solutions in many ways, in case you weren't aware, and they can be contacted for more information through our sales team. In any case, we look forward to participating in your journey and seeing what turns up!
  4. Hello @Brian Stone! Thanks for joining us here in the community, and thanks for being the support your clients need with KAZOO. I hope we are a resource to you and by extension them!
  5. Hi @SamSip, glad to have you with us!
  6. Hello @Elyat197! Happy to have you amongst us, I'm sure your experience and your desire to learn will blend well with the spirit of these forums, so welcome again and looking forward to seeing which stones you turn over in your journey.
  7. Greetings @sysdrum! Thanks for joining us here in KAZOO-land. What brings you 'round these parts if ya don't mind me askin'?
  8. Hi @Reid Apple, thanks for joining us here in the community forums! We look forward to being a resource for you and we hope that, should you feel so inclined, you hop in and share whatever nuggets of KAZOO wisdom or cleverness you discover along the way!
  9. Hello @crebbien and welcome! Very glad to have you here with your development perspective! On the subject of your current task, the first place I personally would look would be the System Administration forums, found here: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/8-system-administration/ Alternatively, if there is not an existing means to accomplish what you are trying to do, there are of course the developer forums, found here: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/35-developer/ If you've not already checked those out, I recommend writing up a clear description of your problem or goal and work with folks to see what solutions can be explored. Welcome again and happy posting!
  10. Oi @Antonio Taranto, tudo bem?! 😄 Join the 2600Hz Brazil club! Excited to have you onboard, thank you for bringing all of your experience and vision to the community, and we look forward to seeing what you contribute and gain from these forums!
  11. DanH


    Hi @Vien Dang just wanted to come back and say welcome! We're very glad you joined us here, you are a wealth of experience, thank you for being part of the community. I hope you find and participate in all the discussions you are looking for here, and please always feel free to reach out to me directly if you want to provide feedback on the forums or discussions!
  12. DanH


    Welcome @bpaplow and thanks for joining us! KAZOO is fascinating because it's simultaneously what's next AND what's been next for the past 10 years! 😃 What do you get when you combine a legacy like that with the future-looking wizardry we're already building? Just the thing you were looking for. 😉
  13. Hello @MVillars and welcome! Whoaaa I personally am extra excited to have you here among us (not sus), I am fascinated with the whole world of embedded engineering and especially where telecom can be further integrated into that field! I very much hope you will share as much as you are willing to about your journey through exploring KAZOO where your embedded projects are concerned, I am super interested in seeing what you come up with regarding the Raspberry Pi and those types of hardware platforms, and please use these forums as a resource to ask questions in and also share what you learn along the way! As an initial bit of guidance since you asked about what it takes to get a KAZOO instance up and running on a server, I would probably direct you to the System Administration forums, where that kind of information generally lives and is discussed: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/8-system-administration/ Also, you may find it useful to scope out the developer forums, as that's where the engineering and development stuff you will likely need to engage in with regards to your Pi project takes place: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/35-developer/ Welcome again and so great to have you here, cheers!
  14. Hello @JoshFerreira and thanks for joining up! We're glad to have you aboard, that is some invaluable knowledge you bring to the table, looking forward to seeing you around the forums!
  15. Welcome @rokatel and thanks for bringing that VOIP experience to the table, we're also interested in you knowing more about KAZOO and I hope we can facilitate that learning here!
  16. Hi @Alejandro Mejia and welcome [back] to the forums! Wow, an OG KAZOOcon attendee, respect! Thanks for being a part of the forums and sharing all that experience with the community, and I wanted to say, please feel free to DM me if you would like me to possibly look in to what happened to your previous account; can't make any promises but I can definitely investigate for you.
  17. DanH

    Hi All

    Hi @peterd and welcome! We are thrilled you are joining us and bringing all of that fantastic experience with you, looking forward to seeing you around the forums!
  18. DanH


    Hello @v1t83! Welcome, and yes as Rick mentioned we can arrange access to our LMS platform for KAZOO Academy, please feel free to DM me here on the forums or contact support for more details on how to do that. Thanks again for signing up here and looking forward to being a part of your learning journey with KAZOO!
  19. Hi all, me again, I wanted to let everyone know that we've taken some feedback we received from @Skunkbeard in the feedback thread (this one here) which received some support, and had a discussion about how best to accomplish what was being suggested there. As a result, I am excited to announce that we are following through with a plan to use our TWIL resource to create posts documenting the solutions to problems and deepened understanding of various topics that arise from working on customer support requests and the team's own research! I've created the subforum as a part of the Tips & Tricks section (here's the link), and am currently working on some initial content for it. Might be getting ahead of myself here but I wanted to capture the momentum and get that rolling and let folks know! Please let me know here or in DM if you have any thoughts or suggestions, and check back in the future for content there as we're able to upload it.
  20. This is a fantastic suggestic suggestion, and it's actually something we've thought about in one capacity or another as part of our ongoing knowledge base efforts! I really like the idea of integrating this into the community and forums, for the opportunity to have the community be able to comment and discuss these kinds of posts and build upon them, a sort of living knowledge base! Thank you for this, I'm going to take this to my team and have a dialogue about it and evaluate what we can do with this suggestion, much appreciated again.
  21. Hi KNERD, thanks for the feedback! I personally am not working on anything engineering-related, as I am the community manager and am the only one working on these forum changes, but I can tell you all the engineering team is hard at work on many things unrelated to these forums. And true enough, the old "if it ain't broke" line of thinking was definitely considered, but we're hoping to trial these changes out for a better long-term outcome in terms of user experience; we do have the ability to revert though if it comes to that! Again, thanks for the input here, anytime someone speaks their mind here is very much appreciated!
  22. Hi all, I wanted to do a quick check-in on the recent forum changes and organization! Leave a vote, and I would super appreciate it if you left your thoughts on why you voted how you did! Thanks, Dan
  23. Hello everyone, I'm back, this time to tell you of some big changes to the look and organization of the forums that we believe will improve the user experience and help with moderation efforts. As we continue our review and evaluation of the forums as the main channel for our community and related discourses, one dimension we have identified as an area for potential improvement is the organization and simplification of the forums based on traffic and average usage. If anyone would like to know more about the thought process motivating this change, please reach out to me and I can elaborate with some data if you're interested to know! This change will be taking place in the near term, and we predict all changes should be complete and sorted by the end of this week. EDIT: To clarify, these changes will focus around moving content from existing top-level forum categories into a smaller number of more generalized forums while maintaining categorization that the consolidated subforums will share. In essence it's a move to consolidate content into fewer main forums organized around theme and traffic. This will likely be disorienting at first! I would like to preemptively apologize for any confusion and difficulty with the new format during that initial adjustment phase, and also express that we make these changes with the intention of improving the overall usage experience of the forums and the community overall. As always, I am happy to receive your thoughts and concerns, so please reach out to me without hesitation about this and any other input you might have on the forums and our community! Thanks all!
  24. Hi @bpbp! This is a great suggestion, excellent point, I will review this idea and likely make that adjustment in the near future. Thank you for the feedback and thoughtful suggestion!
  25. Hi everyone, I wanted to check in with you about some changes we've been discussing and working on for the improvement of our forum and greater community experience. I'll be posting such updates here as we go along, and I wanted to start off with a big one: SPAM. Problem, right? It's uncomfortable and highly processed nonsense when it's here amongst us, and it ruins the concept of sushi in other parts of the world. SO, in an effort to combat said spammification, the following adjustments have been made to the forums: Guests no longer have posting permissions and can only see the Welcome forum here in which we find ourselves, and they can read these posts but not reply (everyone wave and encourage them to register!) New accounts are similarly restricted until they make their first post in the Introductions forum, so we can say hi and welcome and get a feel for their general spamminess or thereabouts These are just a couple actions we're taking, along with continued management of the spam protection systems and moderator vigilance, to combat spam and improve the experience here in the forums. As always, I am very keen to hear your thoughts on this and appreciate your suggestions and input on this matter here, as well as in other areas of the community experience you would like to see action on. My DM's are always open, so drop me a line there if you prefer as well! Thanks all, happy posting!
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