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  1. Hi everyone! Stopping by to see if folks had had a chance to review the following documentation regarding Caller ID Privacy: https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/e76940ba8866bf57274b0c15a99350b9c2743460/core/kazoo_endpoint/doc/privacy-cid.md This was discussed at length internally, and while there are some details that may not apply, it was noted that another option for getting this to work was the following: [...]one option is to set caller_id_options.privacy_method to sip on the carrier doc(s). This has only been verified in 5.x so far. I hope this helps, and I'll check back in to see what comes of that!
  2. How do I set multiple phones to a single voicemail box? I want multiple phones to be able to access our single “support” voicemail. Can my same phone have more than 1 mailbox? YES! Here’s how: Open your Provisioner App. (This is slated for access in SmartPBX shortly) Select the Devices tab Select the device you want to update. Go to the Combo Keys tab From the dropdown for Type, select BLF In the Value field, enter *98[voice Mailbox number] as its value. There should be no spaces. Label the key if you want. SAVE! Notes: The key will turn red or blink when there’s a new message. If a voicemail is left in a mailbox other than your own, that mailbox light will blink. This must be toggled on by our support team if you are using Global Infrastructure or Private Cloud.
  3. Can you explain more about what you mean here? What are you trying to do with trunks in this case?
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