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Resource Library: Monster UI Apps for KAZOO



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  1. Hello , Thank you for your welcome and for your very motivating message. I hope I can contribute my knowledge on the subject as best I can in order to contribute to the development of Kazoo. Thank you also for the links to the different forums which I think will be useful. And once again, thank you for welcoming me to the 2600Hz community.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to the 2600Hz community. My name is Mylène. I am an embedded software engineer. I have a project to create just a voice mail system where each user sends voice messages to each other from a raspberry pi. After looking at the documentation, it all seems a bit unclear to me. Is it necessary to install all the different components of Kazoo on a server? Or is it enough to use the monster interface, REST API and WebSockets? Thanks a lot for your help. Mylène
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