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Call record length on a menu

Jack Noe

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We have a customer who wants to record a menu, that is 12 minutes long.

Wants to call in to the menu, dial the record prompt pin, and record for 12 minutes.

The current settings doesnt allow more than 7 minutes about, it stops after 7 minutes.


Any idea how to record a longer greeting over the phone?



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This may be one of those opportunities to help your customer by telling them what not to do. I can't imagine spending 12 minutes listening to a list of food items to find out whether my local restaurant offers pork lo mein or just chicken, beef, and shrimp. I'm sure there's a way to rewrite/restructure this solution so that it's more end user-friendly (for example, splitting it up into logical subsections accessible via a top-level menu).


12 minutes is punishing for the end users as well as the person who has to do the recording in a single take.

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I do not see any recording timeout settings in the menu schema.  You may need to record this on a PC, convert to mp3 < 5 MB and upload manually to a menu.  If this is something he needs to do constantly you may need to train him on updating the call flow in advanced callflows or create a script that patches the call flow with the new recordings using something like curl.

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