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Provisioner Updates: September 10th

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Happy Friday!


As always we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on several product updates and enhancements.


If you’ve been attending our weekly business partner calls for paid clients, you may have heard Darren Schreiber - 2600Hz CEO, talk about new and exciting initiatives coming down the pipeline. And we are excited to announce the most recent provisioner updates will be available next week!

Here is what you can expect to see:

Yealink Device Updates Include:

  • Yealink W60P now supports up to 8 handsets and 8 lines
  • Fixed missing space in Yealink Timezone Names
  • Added audio gain settings for all Yealink handsets
  • Added security checks for .boot files (used for custom config files)
  • Fixed number of combo keys for the T40P/G models

Polycom Device Updates Include:

  • Added UI setting for setting default transport types and international dialing
  • Added UI setting for directed call pickup for devices to use Native mode (a popup comes up on Polycom when a call is made to a monitored line)

Obihai Device Updates:

  • Added ATA port selection for Obihai ATAs to determine which line rings on which port
  • Fixed off by one account issue for Obihai devices

Grandstream Device Updates:

  • Fixed off by one Account issue for Grandstream GXP2160
  • Fixed Grandstream expire time so the backend handles conversion of seconds to minutes
  • Updated firmwares for Grandstreams and allows for firmware selection
  • Fixed call forwarding on Grandstream GXP21xx


Cisco Device Updates:

  • Fixed template issue for Cisco 941
  • Added the ability to view device activity log and config files for a given device through Advanced Provisioner


You should start seeing all these updates on Monday, September 10th. Feel free to comment in our community if you have any questions.


Team 2600Hz

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