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Fax app - What is "email-to-fax logs" truly for?


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In the Fax Manager app, there is a tab for "email-to-fax logs".  
I do not have an understanding of this tab as it only shows 2 failed transmissions.  

When do items populate into this tab versus the inbound/outbound tabs, which also show fails?


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    If you send an outbound fax via email, i.e. attaching the fax document to an email and sending through the email to fax gateway, i.e. emailing FaxDestinationNumber@someEmailAddress.com to send the fax to FaxDestinationNumber they will show up under this log.


Reference: https://docs.2600hz.com/kazoo_dev/applications/fax/doc/faxbox/#:~:text=the faxed document.-,Email to Fax,format%3A {destination_phone_number}%40faxbox_domain .

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