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Half of the phones on one of my accounts lost all their Combo Key settings!!


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Not sure what happened, but this morning a received 5 calls from one account saying they lost all their combo key settings (the main default line worked). I have no idea what could have triggered this or why those particular users.

I have been receiving many "loss of registration" e-mail alerts as well lately which is also a concern.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, especially since i"m worried it could continue happening.

The devices are Yealink T46S's


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29 minutes ago, Karl Stallknecht said:

Did you by any chance re-assign phones or change MAC addresses on devices? Doing this will wipe out anything set in advanced provisioner.

I re-assigned a device last week, but it was only one and I factory reset it first. I didn’t do anything yesterday to these devices (at least not that I could think of). Would there be a log anywhere which would show when this occurred?

6 minutes ago, Logicwrath said:

If you rename the device or change any device settings in the UI it will wipe out the advanced provisioner profile.

Now that I think about it, I did add “STRP” to a few accounts last night in the UI!

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6 hours ago, avig2 said:

Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to keep it in mind for next time. I should also keep a record every time I make a change of any kind in case something goes awry.

@avig2 , @Logicwrath, @Karl Stallknecht

I think this happens whenever a device is touched in "Smart PBX"! If you EVER touch Device's in Smart PBX, and save... the Combo Key's in the device in Smart PBX are saved...which could be nothing!

@avig2 I would have changed the SRTP inside Advanced Call Flows, since you changed things in Advanced Provisioner...

@Logicwrath I think there should be a check to see if Combo Key's have been changed in Advanced Provisioner, or AT LEAST a message, saying "DON'T SAVE device in Smart PBX if you CHANGED ANYTHING in Advanced Provisioner!!!" 

my paltry two cents. 

I know why it happens, I can't fix it, I just avoid it now, and try to spread the "why it happens". :D


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