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Why whApps shows only crossbar?

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@mc Thanks for your help, 

I had to start all apps manually and now everything works good. Is there any command to start all available apps?

So, when performing command - "make release" inside kazoo's source directory, normal behaviour is that, all that apps will start automatically right?
@mc you mean kazoo logs located inside /var/log/kazoo/console.log file?

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If this is a new system, yes, KAZOO should initialize relevant databases and configure the default list of apps to start automatically.

You'll want to bump log level (typically syslog) in /etc/kazoo/core/config.ini to debug, then restart the VM and see what happens, why the default apps weren't started. Could be a temporary issue too (though I routinely reset my database cluster for dev and don't have issues with the default apps starting).


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Posted (edited)

@mc_ I couldn't find out what is happeningwhen starting the system (I think the system is not trying to load apps, because there are no logs which describe that process), but when I manually run - "sup kapps_controller start_default_apps" command, I can see logs.


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If you built this from source, make sure all the deps/ built properly (should be listed in make/deps.mk). You can stop the release, do `make sparkly-clean compile build-dev-release` to clean everything out, fetch all deps, recompile everything, and build a development release. Then `make release` will start the dev release.

Other things to check are that you're compiling with the correct version of Erlang (see make/erlang_version).

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