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If a queue routing strategy is set to Loose Skills, and a rule is set up that Callee ID = 456 - if someone dials 456 , it should go to the assigned agent.   However,  if ext 456 is associated with a callflow, what happens if the agent with the skill is not available to take the call? Does it follow the calllflow rules or does it go to next agent?  


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately we are trying to win a 25 seat opportunity and it involves replacing the existing call center product the customer is using and it currently rings all of the available agents simultaneously.  Why is ringing all of the agents highly discouraged?  What if there are only 3-5 agents? How do you set up the queue to be able to ring all the users.  If we can demo this capability we can win the deal :-)

Thanks, Chuck

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The primary problem with ring-all is that it is terribly inefficient.  It is basically a ring group, however interestingly enough even more inefficient then just using ring groups.  IIRC the current version of Callcenter Basic will allow you to set Ring All as an option.  If you are using Pro or the option is not there then you must resort to using the API to set it.

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