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When using the offcial Centos ISO Im getting a "Waiting for whapps" error and can't get past it.


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Waiting for whapps to start by polling: /opt/kazoo/utils/sup/sup whapps_controller list_apps


It just hangs there. So far I have nailed it down to what seems like a cookie issue. /var/log/kazzo_config looks like this:

Connection to service failed!
Failed to connect to service '*REMOVED*' with cookie 'xBvF5wROKt0jc3yNiVSIPAIGi4U59
  Possible fixes:
    * Ensure the whistle service you are trying to connect to is running on the host
    * Ensure that you are using the same cookie as the whistle node, "./sup -c <cookie>"
    * Verify that the hostname being used is a whistle node

I have noticed I have 2 .erlang.cookie files on my system. One in ~ and another in /opt/kazoo both are different values. I have restarted the install but each time it generates a new cookie values for each file.


How can i overcome this issue?



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