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Retrieving Deleted Voicemails

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Hello all, got another good one from the support team for you today. This one is a great management tool for those cases of possible user error, and is how to access voicemails that users have inadvertently deleted, or for whatever reason have need to access after deletion. As always, please leave your comments and questions below to spark up discussion and communal knowledge sharing! 

If a user has deleted a voicemail that is still needed, deleted voicemails can be retrieved for up to six months from the Voicemail Manager application. Select the Voicemail Manager application, choose the mailbox where the message was deleted, and select that message using the checkbox to the left:



From here, select the center box to choose Mark as New:




The message will now show as new. Even if the message was deleted via a user’s physical phone, their voicemail alert on their phone will begin to blink with a new message again.


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