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Darren is wondering if your modules could point to the Hosted Cluster that 2600hz runs.

In other words, your CRM module, could it point to the 2600hz cluster, instead of your own cluster?

Thereby allowing Hosted Resellers, to have access to your apps.

It would allow you to put your "Apps" into the "App Store", and make revenue that way. :)

(sorry for putting words in your mouth Darren! Feel free to correct.)
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Hallo all - I have inserted the reply from Urs

Yes, on any cluster is this is possible.1. The change for that solution, in kamailio on websockets-role.conf at line 94:
##    if (!($hdr(Origin) =~ "MY_WEBSOCKET_DOMAIN")) {
##        xlog("L_INFO", "websocket|log|rejecting HTTP request with unknown origin $hdr(Origin) from $si:$sp\n");
##        xhttp_reply("400", "Bad Request", "", "");
##        exit;
##    }
##    #!endif
(maybe you see a secure problem? if so, please tell me)
2. The solution is also to cross signup your SUBDOMAINS eg. abc.zswitch.net and also the webserver certificate e.g. www.odoo.com with a self generated root certificate and install this on the customers desktop.
3. On any new subdomain will need a cross-signup to the root certificate
We will install a demo server in USA then all can try self. I hope we get ready soon. It will have a howto at signing in.

Freundliche Grüsse
U. Rüedi
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We are having internal discussions regarding providing this version of Harmony for free. There are four requirements to using Harmony;
  1. Setup Webhooks on the account 
  2. Requires a device (softphone SIP connection) per user 
  3. Registration to our license server.
  4. Create a Callflow for the Harmony extension
Although Harmony requires a SIP connection, it does not have an interface to make or receive calls. The SIP connection is strictly used to process caller ID information. Our future desktop integration, Harmony v2.0 will no longer require a SIP connection, but uses WebSockets and a messaging queue. It will also have extended features and be sold per license.  
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