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Getting Started with 2600Hz Community

Katie Orton

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Welcome to the 2600Hz Community! We hope you are as excited as we are to get this going. Here you will find tips on how to engage in the Community.

Getting Started 

To get going, we recommend that you read up on all 2600Hz curated content in our Academy, which features product User Guides,  Common Solutions, & Cheat Sheets for quick reference.  After exploring the Academy, make sure to check out the Help Center for product General Questions, and an area to submit your Product Feedback & Ideas


Keep an eye out for ongoing notices & updates from us. We will be rolling out updates to the Monster UI, and the community itself regularly. Additionally, we will be holding regular check-in calls to provide announcements and highlights of exciting new features/ updates. 

O.K. Let me into Monster!

You can manage your production account at ui.zswitch.net


Questions/Bugs/Feature Requests/Ideas

Don't see an answer to your question in Academy or Help Center documentation? Please utilize our new Help Center and submit your questions in 2600Hz community. We encourage you to collaborate with your fellow Beta members, and 2600Hz support specialists and product experts will be actively responding to you as well. 

Urgent Issues

For billing issues or account-specific issues, utilize your normal support channels. 

Thanks again!
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