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Different ring for Internal vs external inbound calls

Bob Welker

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For what it's worth, I do this all the time with my Yealinks. You can setup an group in the directory for internal numbers. Then, assign a different ring tone to that group. If it's just a single user, maybe it would make sense to switch him?

Sorry, I don't use the polycoms anymore, so I don't know if the VVX can do this.
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Hi All, Just wanted to update this thread with news that this ticket was approved and worked for 4.0. https://2600hz.atlassian.net/browse/K... is only for the API, I don't believe we've exposed it in the front end at this time. I'll check into see if it's possible to file a front end ticket. This will be available to you when your installation is upgraded to Kazoo 4.0.In the documentation, the relevant piece is below:Key Description Type Default Requiredringtones object {} falseringtones.external The alert info SIP header added when the call is from internal sources string(0..256) falseringtones.internal The alert info SIP header added when the call is from external sources string(0..256) false
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Yes, this works.  However, editing the device in "Advanced Callflows" to add the internal/external alert info will wipe out your device configuration in "Advanced Provisioner".  Be prepared to re-configure every single device in provisioner that you make this adjustment on.

I opened a new thread about it recently and did not see a response.  I wish this would get fixed so I could implement it on accounts we already have configured and provisioned.
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