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Karl Stallknecht

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Hi there,
     You're both right :-)

      https:// works fine. However, some phones (we're narrowing down which ones, but appears to be just Polycoms and only certain firmwares) don't appear to like that we use a wildcard cert (or something about our cert, but we're pretty sure it's because it's a wildcard).

      We're in the process of revising our cert so that it's a specific domain name to see if that resolves the issue. Either way, we'll continue to support both methods, so use whichever suits you.
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I didn't fully answer this question but since I just saw a code commit for the fix to it, I'll come back here.

The "Typo" is actually because:
1) We originally hard-coded https://p3.zswitch.net
2) Someone complained that wasn't white-labeled
3) We changed it to try and dynamically generate and also show http:// or https:// depending on something (I forget) (which was kind of dumb)
4) The branding is missing still so now the domain is just gone


We'll try again and get the UI updated to have the brand in there, but you'll need to explicitly set the brand in the branding app I think (or it uses your base domain, I don't remember exactly). I'll try to remember to update this once we roll the fix.
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