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Understanding International Calling: Exit Codes and Dialing Procedures

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When making international calls, it’s essential to understand the concept of exit codes and how they apply to dialing from different types of phones. Here’s a concise explanation:

1. Exit Code: 011 or +1

  • The exit code serves as the gateway for dialing international numbers. It indicates that the following phone number is outside the country you’re currently in.
  • In the United States and other countries within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), you can use either “011” or the plus sign (“+”).
  • When dialing from a fixed-line phone, use “011.”
  • When dialing from a mobile (cell) phone, use the plus sign (“+” Usually a long press of 0 ). The plus sign automatically selects the appropriate exit code based on your location.

2. IDD (International Direct Dialing) Number

  • The exit code “011” is specific to the U.S. and Canada.
  • It signifies that you’re about to make an international call.
  • After entering the exit code, you’ll proceed with the country code and the recipient’s phone number.

This is all pretty basic stuff if you have dealt with international calling. But for those of you just getting into it. Might find this helpful. 

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