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4.0 Hosted Platform Upgrade Announcement

Guest Irina

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It’s time to get excited! 

You guessed it, 4.0 is gearing up for production release! The launch of 4.0 was first announced at this year’s KazooCon. Thank you to all those that could join us! For those unable to attend, we also announced 12 new Monster apps such as Call Center Lite, Operator Console, Live Conference Manager and more, in addition to over 400 critical bug fixes.
This is a very important announcement and will have an impact on your service. Please read below!

4.0 Upgrade: How to Prepare
Hosted Platform Clients: Do nothing, you’re ready! The upgrade will just happen on December 2nd. Please be ready for support calls that weekend (just in case) and for a few days following the upgrade, and be sure to tell your clients in advance. NOTE – some of our very old IP addresses will be changing! If any of your services point to XXX, YYY, ZZZ, please contact us to learn how to change them to the new IP addresses.

Upgrade Risks and Dependencies
As with any upgrade, there is work and risk involved. You MUST tell your clients to be aware of a possible disruption in services during the upgrade period.
For Hosted Platform / SaaS customers, the upgrade itself is a two part process: first the software, then the hardware. The software upgrade is scheduled for December 2nd. The hardware upgrade is not ready yet, and most likely will occur in January. Both will have some downtime, please be prepared for this. We understand that this will be disruptive to your business and therefore have already scripted and practiced this to make it as seamless and easy as possible.

New Contracts and Pricing for 4.0
4.0 not only represents new features and a new frontier for 2600Hz, but also an opportunity for us to do some house cleaning – not just in code. We’ve been busy for over a year preparing a new support system, new documentation sites, new contracts, updated pricing, new community forums and revised service response policies.
These new systems, documents and services should help reduce support costs, which allows us to lower our prices, while offering more services. The time has now come to begin rolling these services out, but we need your help!
Our old contracts and policies do not cover an app exchange concept, mobile services, network features and other services. In addition, we need to retain the ability to enforce acceptable use policies, or update pricing as the market changes now that we offer so many products.
With that in mind, we’re writing to let you know that you’ll be receiving an individualized rate sheet and updated contract to E-Sign via email soon. You will be required to sign new contracts within 90 days of receipt.
Don’t stress! You may contact us always with questions, concerns or comments – we’re not perfect and we may have missed something or did not understand your use case.

V3.22 and KAZOO UI Sunsetting

V3.22 and KAZOO UI going into end-of-life means we will only provide break/fix help (no new features). Please note you do NOT need to migrate to SmartPBX! This has been a common point of confusion. All of the functionality in KAZOO UI is available in Advanced Callflows within Monster UI. If you need help making this transition, please let us know. We will be offering Webinars and trainings to help with the transition.
This upgrade is TWO YEARS of work in the making and we are SO excited to finally be sharing it with you. It will lead to more opportunities, revenue and better features and support. We are here to help guide and support you through this change, and will ensure that you are all set for success. 
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