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KAZOO 4.1 Upgrade Highlights

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Complete 4.1 Overview:

  • Re-write of BLF (Fundamental re-write of how it works)
    • More robust solution
    • Automatic of flushing BLF indications when call processing is lost (stuck lights)
    • New maintenance commands to clear lights at account, zone and cluster level
  • Notification email retry for failure (the inability to leave our system - NOT the failure to be received) - We are just retrying if email can’t leave our servers. Provides a more reliable notification
    • New maintenance commands to view notifications, status failures, and retries
  • Kamailio Auto Discovery of FS servers
    • Kamilio will automatically manage the dispatcher list
    • Use the command: kazoo-Kamailio status
    • Dbtext is no longer used
      • /etc/kazoo/kamailio/dbtext - Note: if you are doing what you’ve always done, it’s not going to work anymore
    • Make sure your Kamailio is properly federated on a multi-zone cluster to avoid inter zone call looping
  • Kazoo Cluster Status Enhancements
    • Kamailio dispatcher list is now included along with the current dispatcher state for easy trouble-shooting of call routing issues
    • Includes the configured Kamailio roles to easily identify architecture of a cluster.
    • Debug presence information to help balance the presence/blf load
  • Performance Improvements
    • Improvements to CPS
  • Added feature to block anonymous callers
    • We are deprecating the old way of doing this by creating a blacklist with a phone number comprised of all 0’s
    • Please convert to using the new parameter - See our documentation site for more details
  • Features that identify missed calls that didn’t leave a message - No missed opportunities
  • Parking enhancements - Changes to how parking is stored in the DB for performance and stability
  • Default email templates have been improved/enhanced/updated
    • This is an opt in. Will NOT be automatic - will require sys admins to run a command and sub resellers that have white labeled to reset their templates (using the branding app)
      • On hosted this is not opt in. If you have not white-labeled the templates, expect them to change once the update occurs
      • Any customization made will be lost - test on sandbox
    • Improved email to voicemail templates (highly requested feature)
      • Identifies the actual VM box
    • Account info provided at bottom
  • Format phone numbers: You can now identify the country for local calls
    • Quest for internationalization
    • Various ways to format. Users can configure to see numbers from various countries in more comfortable display formats  
    • Improved user experience
  • Storage Integrations (Google drive, AWS (store VM/Fax storage)
    • Call recording, voicemails, faxing all included
    • More to come on integrations (GD, AWS, etc) in next few months
  • Call Recording
    • Ability to turn on/off at the account, user and device level for inbound, outbound, internal and external
    • Changing call flows no longer required
    • Ability to use first storage integrations in the platform (google drive, AWS)
  • Port Submission (now a port history can be pulled)
    • Complete revamp. More user friendly, greater reliability, can view a timeline of all porting events
  • Multi factor authentication integrations
    • Starting with DUO for user login

Things to be Aware of:
When installing any RPM in CentOS you should always watch for warnings about “.rpmnew” files during the install process. In this particular case, it is critical you resolve these warnings or Kazoo will not start. This is due to how the cookie management for Erlang is managed, which has changed.


  • Watch out for .rpmnew files in /etc/kazoo/kamailio
  • If these are not resolved - Kamilio will not start, BLF will not work, won’t discover freeswitch servers
  • Watch out for .rpmnew files in /etc/kazoo/core
    • Changes to vm.args is resulting in RPMnew files that will keep kazoo from starting - simply overwrite the vm.args with vm.args.rpmnew
    • No longer edit vm.args

Upgrade Schedule & Details
For those on our
Hosted Platform, the intended release date is the weekend of September 9th, 2017 (look for specific maintenance window notices as we get closer to that weekend for exact times).

For Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure clients, we will begin assisting with your upgrades after September 12th, once our rollout to hosted platform has been completed and is stable.

All paid 2600Hz customers are strongly encouraged to review the new applications and updates on our sandbox servers, prior to the rollout of this version, to ensure you understand the new features and are able to ask questions before updates are visible to customers.

Let us know if you have any questions surrounding the 4.1 Release and look for upcoming emails and announcements with more details. 

Team 2600Hz

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