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What works by default? and how to contribute



Hi there,


I was active before on the old google groups in 2014/15 (Beltex, Yumminova and created some supportdocs posted as Robert (Bremer) and after some time off ready to get started again, so pre flight is the best place to start ))

The things that needed the most work in that time where billing, call rating and limits and such.

I started writing a few articles in some support panel and would like to do so again, in the right place.

Could someone send me the link  to the new structure or explain it?  (where to find the latest instructions, where to ask if i am writing about a subject but cant really continue)

That way i can help the community a bit, and get myself up to speed again, a lot has been changed, but much seems the same ))


Also... (and if not let me write howto on it )) Can we, out of the box already use:

1. callrating,

2. limits,

3. other payment processor then braintree

4. other DID provider then bandwith












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Welcome back!

There have been significant improvements in Kazoo in the past few years. Check out the doc site for starters. There are some tutorials on system installation of the 4.1 version, and a lot, lot more documentation on the APIs and other inter-workings of the application. It's a developer's best tool!


I absolutely love your enthusiasm and willingness to contribute; that goes really far around here. Unfortunately I'm not able to answer a lot of those questions because I'm not a hosted customer of 2600hz, and I don't know the issues that you were running to in the past. 

From my experience working with their APIs, everything that you've listed in bullets 1 and 2 is working. Call rating I'm a little fuzzy on because we don't use that particular feature. The limits in jonny5 work great. 

I have no experience with braintree. 

I can't speak to 2600's position on carriers, so those questions I'll leave to @Darren Schreiber

As for documentation - I guess it depends what kind you are interested in creating. That will determine the best place for them, and I know Darren can also assist with that question. Great to have you back in the community! I look forward to helping you out where I can!

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Well as i am a captain by profession and do this to learn it sometimes goes over my head )) meaning that if a problem becomes more complex, and lets say has mmore then three or four levels, i get lost. I cant see the big picture anymore.

So thats why im a good fir for writing simple docs, but in a workflow kind a way.

Per example: Here is how to acieve this step:

1. do this

2. and that because of this or that

3. etc

U can see the style in here, here, here  and here.


I remember that one of the sad things was, that at that time the idea of dealing with docs in a different way was new and just being pushed a bit.
But for some things i needed help, and it was not available. of course, being naive and enthausiastic u want to move more fast then what is posible sometimes.

And expected a bit too much from 2600hz perhaps, but... now i see this new forum, a lot of new faces and feel some more energy here )).


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