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Cisco 7960

Jack Noe

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Sure @Jack Noe . 

You have your own cluster?

So you have web access to the phone? 

Do you have Phone Registered using newer devices/Auto Provisioner working?


Usually Domain = Realm

Username = Username of SIP Device

Password = Password of SIP Device

Authorization for OutBound = Username of SIP device

Outbound Proxy = SIP Proxy

Is what I usually have to do on a device that isn't Auto Provisioned. Like a SIP Softphone for example. 

I use the Hosted Cluster. I don't have experience on the Server side of things. 

But let us know if that helps, or you need additional details on the Cluster side. 


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For the 7960, First thing you have to do is to create a tftp server.

Then you have to program your DHCP Server  to point 7960 to that tftp server by setting DHCP options 66.

In the tftp server put in the latest SIP firmware for cisco 7960 from  http://www.computersolutions.cn/downloads/Cisco/SIP-7960/index.html%3FC=D%3BO=A

8.12 firmware should be the latest. http://www.computersolutions.cn/downloads/Cisco/SIP-7960/P0S3-8-12-00.zip

Unzip the files in the tftp server

After that you have to make two additional files SIPDefault.cnf and SIPxyz.cnf where xyz is the phones macaddress. Place these files in the tftp server.

You can checkout the file formats from this link. http://wiki.siftah.com/Cisco_7960G_IP_Phone_on_Asterisk

Once you have setup all the files in the tftp server,  connect the phone to the network. it should connect to the tftp server and update itself and connect to the server.

Let me know if you need any additional help.




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