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Missed calls Notifications

Jack Noe

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Hi all.


I have a customer who wants to receive an email with each call coming in to his callflow or DID.

The system currently has the missed calls alert, which sends an email only on missed calls.

Is there an option or a workaround to have receive an email for each call? or have each call be a missed call by some way, so he can receive the email ? 

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That would be a good feature request of the missed call alert functionality, but, if implemented, they would need to change the name to call alert.

However, to accomplish this without the easy button, I'd suggest looking at Webhooks. Perhaps "channel_create" may do the job, and then have the hook call out to a routine that sends an email. I bet this could be done using a service like IFTTT to keep coding to a minimum.

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@Jack Noe I tested Webhook trigger "channel_create" and it appears to work for this purpose.

The best way to investigate the contents of a Webhook is to use a service called RequestBin. (please google and find the RequestBin address) Follow the directions on the site and create a RequestBin, the service will return a URL to be inserted in the Webhook. I like to set the Request Type to POST.

Once you have the Webhook configured with the RequestBin URL, call your callflow and then look at your bin. You should see all the detail from the Webhook appear in the bin. What you do with that data is now up to you, but this is the first step of the process.   

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