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  1. 2 hours ago, KNERD said:

    That's what MESH Wi-Fi is for

    Mesh Systems could work with VOIP but they have to be engineered properly.

    Mesh topology is less efficient (since the number of hops, modulation over those radio links, and latency all very unpredictably

    Multi-hop meshing will decrease the throughput dramatically. Mesh adds jitter.

    All depends on the application and number of VoIP devices however I would choose multiple APs over meshing. I don't know any enterprise-level companies using mesh, as last resort if you have no way to run cable, maybe yes but rather than that I would place APs


    2 hours ago, Karl Stallknecht said:

    DECT has many disadvantages and most systems have a limit to how many DECT phones can be added. Wi-Fi phones are the way of the future and are much more practical and scalable, especially since most offices already have building-wide Wi-Fi. Adding DECT repeaters all over the place is inefficient.

    I can agree to disagree: Depends on Application, large hospital? – yes, small office?– no

    The DECT phone solution is not perfect but it should produce better quality. The DECT phones will be on another frequency and there will be no bandwidth issues as with WiFi. The DECT calls will not be interrupted by other data-intensive applications in turn producing a better quality voice experience.

    A few Things to consider

    ·        Your budget

    ·        The most important call features and the option to add more

    ·        Your team size and its potential to grow

    ·        The range you want your cordless phones to cover

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