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      Welcome to the 2600Hz Community and forums! In our perpetual effort to provide a better experience to our community and make everyone feel welcome, we ask that all new members make their inaugural post here, with an introduction and little bit about what brings you into the wonderful world of KAZOO and 2600Hz. Please include any details you deem relevant about yourself as a member and your organization, and how you're using KAZOO, and enjoy your stay! 

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    • Hi @Sergey K! Thank you for that suggestion, that is a great idea if you ask me; I'll need to work with the team on this kind of material in particular as it represents the confluence of a few different components and concepts in the platform, including both technical and administrative matters. However, I should also mention that we cover some aspects of billing in some of the bootcamp material as well, thought somewhat topically as it is the introduction to the platform really. If I could ask a favor of you, would you mind elaborating a bit more on what you would like to see covered in such content, either here in a DM or email to me? I would be most appreciative for your guidance and feedback on this potential module!  Thanks again for responding! 
    • Hello @v1t83!  Welcome, and yes as Rick mentioned we can arrange access to our LMS platform for KAZOO Academy, please feel free to DM me here on the forums or contact support for more details on how to do that. Thanks again for signing up here and looking forward to being a part of your learning journey with KAZOO!
    • We have found a workaround call queue management integrated with kazoo. It currently is in testing stage and not using acdc engine.
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