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      Welcome to the 2600Hz Community and forums! In our perpetual effort to provide a better experience to our community and make everyone feel welcome, we ask that all new members make their inaugural post here, with an introduction and little bit about what brings you into the wonderful world of KAZOO and 2600Hz. Please include any details you deem relevant about yourself as a member and your organization, and how you're using KAZOO, and enjoy your stay! 

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    • Hello @Brian Stone! Thanks for joining us here in the community, and thanks for being the support your clients need with KAZOO. I hope we are a resource to you and by extension them! 
    • Hi all KAZOO Academy learners, I wanted to follow up with everyone on our Bootcamp course and the material in it as it stands now. This is an invitation for open discussion and feedback on what you saw in the course videos, how you felt about the format, if there was anything missing you would like to see added or amended, and just general thoughts on how it helped with you or your organizationation's learning process for the basics of KAZOO management through Monster UI. Additionally, I've just (as of this posting) published an updated Call Center video, this one done through Comm.land, to coincide with the updates happening with the Call Center product and flow, so it seems like an ideal time to check in on course material and what people are getting out of it!  So, I eagerly await your input and whatever thoughts you feel like sharing on our Bootcamp course, and thanks as always for being a part of this project! 
    • Hi @SamSip, glad to have you with us! 
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