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    • Izabell balash

      KAZOOcon 2018 Promo!   04/20/2018

      Hi All!! Time flies and April 30th is coming around quick.  The agenda has been released, the banners waiting to be printed, and we're starting the final countdown to KAZOOcon 2018! This year we've gone above and beyond with our venue, agenda, and speakers. We've also made sure to give all attendees plenty of time for networking with our newly added hackathon, welcome reception, and our annual after party! This is your last week to buy tickets and we want to extend a 50% off promotion for all of our community members! You have until Friday to use the code Community50 to secure your ticket to KAZOOcon 2018.   We're looking forward to seeing everyone there!   
    • Izabell balash

      Yealink & 2600Hz Webinar   04/17/2018

      Hi All, Next week we're partnering with our good friends and Platinum KAZOOcon sponsor, Yealink to bring you a new partner series webinar! Join us on April 24th at 9:30am PDT to view industry leaders and product specialists from Yealink & 2600Hz as they walk through provisioning technologies and enhancements: Seamless Device Provisioning with 2600Hz & Yealink. Register today to learn more about: 2600Hz’s KAZOO auto provisioning features Yealink IP PHONE series How Yealink and KAZOO work together Partner Programs 


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