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    • Izabell balash

      Announcing - The 2600Hz Referral Program!   11/27/2017

      Hey There! This has been a long time coming and finally we’re proud and very excited to announce our first ever Reseller Referral Program! Do you know someone looking to switch to a new provider? Do you have a friend who wants to start their own telecom business? Or, maybe someone who’s considered KAZOO but just needs that extra push to sign up? If you tell a friend about us - and they sign up – you both get credit! Incentives: $1200 credit towards your account (current customer - referer) $300 credit towards the referrals first month of usage The guidelines are simple:  Minimum $500 monthly contract Must subscribe to at least a Silver Support Plan  Minimum 1 year contract  Credit will be applied within 30 days after initial payment If you are a current 2600Hz customer, your personal referral codes have already been created and sent to you, along with a direct landing page to send your referrals to. If, for some reason, you did not receive your referral code, go ahead and shoot us an email at marketing@2600Hz.com.  Once your referral has entered their information or notified their sales agent, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your code has been used. If your referral becomes a customer, a secondary one will be sent letting you know that your credit will be applied in 30 days. BONUS REFERRAL: Every 3 months, we will be launching a new bonus referral program. As we’re growing we’d like our competitor database to grow as well, and instead of paying thousands of dollars to an unknown company, we’d rather pay you! So, if you know of any reseller that advocates for Broadsoft, regardless of whether they are shopping around or not, send us their names. If they aren’t already in our list of contacts and we confirm they resell Broadsoft  - we give you a $100 credit!* That’s right, all you have to do is just send us the name of a company that resells Broadsoft and you will get $100 credited to your account.  Final Note: Since this is a completely new program that is being launched this month, feel free to send us feedback and advice. Thank you and we can’t wait to see this take off! Final Final Note: Currently, only 2600Hz customers can participate in the referral program. Fear not open source folks! We're thinking about you too, and we will be launching something soon.    *Limit 25 referrals per company 
    • Brooke Shepherd

      Getting Started Guide - Update!   11/17/2017

      We've updated our Getting Started Guide - Our goal with the Getting Started Guide has been to create a single point of reference with which our customers can get to know our product without spending valuable time on the basics. This launch includes every article that we think you might need in order to get started running KAZOO - with more articles to be added to the Getting Started Guide over the coming months.  We will be looking for comments and feedback from our users in the Community Forums. Please let us know if you have suggestions!  


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