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    • Brooke Shepherd

      Getting Started Guide - Update!   11/17/2017

      We've updated our Getting Started Guide - Our goal with the Getting Started Guide has been to create a single point of reference with which our customers can get to know our product without spending valuable time on the basics. This launch includes every article that we think you might need in order to get started running KAZOO - with more articles to be added to the Getting Started Guide over the coming months.  We will be looking for comments and feedback from our users in the Community Forums. Please let us know if you have suggestions!  
    • Brooke Shepherd

      Gobblin is Here   10/20/2017

      Hey there, 2600Hz has been working tirelessly on enhancing our support experience. A major initiative on our support roadmap is decreasing response times and enhancing our customer support portal. We are excited to reach a major milestone in this project -- we are officially launching our new ticketing support portal to our Hosted Platform customers! This goal is to provide 2600Hz support agents with instant access to data about the issues you are reporting, which will decrease the time it takes to resolve issues you submit.      For those of you who have not yet heard about our new support portal, let us start by telling you it's a new and improved support tracking system that will aid in ensuring your business is always up and running, so that your valuable customers are happy! The key focus of this platform is to reduce resolution times and ensure support questions are answered quickly, while also improving account level tracking of support credits. Since support can be costly, we want to ensure you are using your allotted hours as efficiently as possible, to provide you with the best experience.                Additionally, our new support portal will allow our team to gather the correct information to access issues you may be experiencing. This includes automatically pulling logs, providing important information about the status of the cluster and allowing us to hone in on specific issues while also tracking overall report patterns. During a self-evaluation, we found that 40-60% of support’s time was spent gathering customer details to aid in resolving the problem, which not only increased resolution time but also was demanding on the support team.          Before we mandate this new initiative, we're giving Hosted Platform customers the chance to test and use tthe new portal right away, by going to https://support.2600hz.com/login to register. Once registered, you' ll be able to access the new portal any time. We highly encourage you to check the 2600Hz Community Forums prior to requesting support. We've been working to improve the support resources by providing more product information and available reference materials. We're launching a new portal in the community with more in depth reference materials TODAY so definitely check it out! A few important things to note: Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure clients will have access to the new support tool in 7-10 days and will be notified of its availability. We will never bill you for an issue that turns out to be a bug if you have a support contract. If you do not have a support contract we encourage you to use the forums to avoid being billed for support time. Initial support requests will no longer be accepted via email, they must be initiated in the new support portal. However, tickets can be monitored via email once the request is properly logged in the system. We' re beyond excited to release this new support portal, as it’s been in development for a long time, and we can’t wait to see these enhancements live. This is only the first of many communications you will receive as we evolve these initiatives. We want to ensure you have real-time updates over the next few weeks. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns in our community.


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