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    • I am however confused by your response about dial plans. I realize that Kazoo is processing calls in real-time but when an outgoing call is made, you still need a dial plan somewhere to determine internal vs external, local vs national calls do you not? Is this not what the "dialplans" document of the system_config database is for as well as the "dial_plan" key of a specific account, user, and device? Am I misunderstanding the documentation?
    • I will gladly contribute back to the documentation (where I won't be more harmful than helpful) and especially contribute deployment guides if all works out. Alright, so I have managed to get outbound partially functional at least. If I redirect an inbound PTSN call back out to the PTSN (such as forwarding the call back to my phone that I'm calling from) then I can get it to work. I'm having issues with my SIP device calling but now that I can see how to view debug info on the Kazoo core itself, I suspect I'll be able to discover more about that problem.
    • 404 on your link so just in case: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/doc/internationalization/numbers/ I think your sentence-ending period got linked as well, throwing off the URL. If you have used FreeSWITCH before, KAZOO doesn't use the dialplan XML - every call is handled in real-time by KAZOO. The primary call processing app is named 'Callflows'. From an API perspective: https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/install/configure_kazoo/ You should get a device, number, callflow, and resource setup and make calls using that. If there are specific parts of the docs that don't work for you, you can use the Edit (pencil icon) which should bring you to the github repo that backs these doc sites if you have suggestions. If a command fails, please include the command tried and the output; we can help see if the docs are wrong or your invocation.
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