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  3. Hello RuhNet, first thanks to take time to answer me :-) I already find Xml developer and it's with this i create de xml file but i have issue with T58 :-(
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  5. Yealink has an XML developer's guide that is freely available (just Google search and find the latest version, or one that matches your firmware version). You can check it for info on how to modify the XML so that it works properly.
  6. Hello all you wonderful people! I'd like to formally introduce myself here, as some of you may already know me from the 2600Hz organization and past exchanges on these forums, but otherwise I've not done a proper salutation yet. I'm the same Dan you may have interacted with via a support ticket in the preceding couple years, and I wanted to let you all know that I have recently shifted into the Community Manager capacity, standing on the shoulders of giants (thanks @Emily R!) and tasked with expanding on the great work that's already been done here. I actually wanted to make this a poll, but found the format for that post type too restrictive (making a note of that for future reference!), so instead I wanted to make this a longer format kind of post. So! One of my main objectives now is obviously to engage in this community and the various channels we use (come say "hi" on Slack sometime!) and get a sense of what you all would like to see more of in these areas. If I could have a moment of your time, please use this thread to post your thoughts and visions for this community, in every sense you can conceive of--from the overall structure to content and representation. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to develop and foster one of the most unique and powerful features of 2600Hz and Kazoo as a product, you! Truly, this is freeform; I am looking for your earnest thoughts and feelings on how we can continue to build on this amazing legacy I am honored to take some part in supporting and fostering. Thanks for reading, thanks for participating, thanks for 'Kazoo'ing and taking the time and everything you do, and I look forward to getting your insights here!
  7. Please verify what version you installed. The last time "whapps_controller" was a thing was...years ago. https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/install/install_via_centos7/
  8. Waiting for whapps to start by polling: /opt/kazoo/utils/sup/sup whapps_controller list_apps It just hangs there. So far I have nailed it down to what seems like a cookie issue. /var/log/kazzo_config looks like this: Connection to service failed! Failed to connect to service '*REMOVED*' with cookie 'xBvF5wROKt0jc3yNiVSIPAIGi4U59 sChYRhbnNDEK8v0Y8sffVO7MM57Yd0eQqnR' Possible fixes: * Ensure the whistle service you are trying to connect to is running on the host * Ensure that you are using the same cookie as the whistle node, "./sup -c <cookie>" * Verify that the hostname being used is a whistle node I have noticed I have 2 .erlang.cookie files on my system. One in ~ and another in /opt/kazoo both are different values. I have restarted the install but each time it generates a new cookie values for each file. How can i overcome this issue? Thanks.
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  10. The problem with some of the Cisco phones that I've had (the ones designed to be used with Cisco Callmanager, not the SPA series) is getting them to register to a domain, rather than an IP address.
  11. https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/Hangup+Cause+Code+Table
  12. Is there a table or list of all the Hangup Cause codes/what they mean in call logs? Like Normal Clearing, No answer, Call rejected, Requested chan unavail, ETC. Some of these are super obvious but I am looking for some more information on some to better gather information.
  13. Hi Jason, we are continuously adding new phones to our list of supported devices, we are currently working on adding new ones and certainly we have a request to add support for more Cisco devices, including Cisco 8945 I don't have an ETA for now for this particular device but stay tuned to the Provisioner updates!
  14. I just tried the system_configs setting on 4.3 and it worked, outbound call contained the right header: P-Asserted-Identity: "Account Name" <sip:+$main_number@voip.domain.net.au> It also set the Privacy: id header using the *67 feature code
  15. Hi, I see your list of auto=provisioned devices, but my question is related to IP phones NOT in your list. Generally; if a SIP phone does not appear in your list, are we able to get it added or can we build a provisioning file for it and add it to our account? And specifically, do you support Cisco 8945 IP Phones Thanks, Jason
  16. Just to clarify, if you have a callflow that is assigned to 456 the call will route to that callflow. Skill based matching will only come into play if the call is routed to a skill based queue via a callflow. If 456 is the callflow of a non-queue entity the call will simply route there.
  17. but check your question I'm not sure if that is what you are asking, can you elaborate more?
  18. Hi, so if the call has no skills that match it should route normally, to the first agent available
  19. Anruag, if you paid via credit card or PayPal, you may be able to reverse the transaction.
  20. Hello, If a queue routing strategy is set to Loose Skills, and a rule is set up that Callee ID = 456 - if someone dials 456 , it should go to the assigned agent. However, if ext 456 is associated with a callflow, what happens if the agent with the skill is not available to take the call? Does it follow the calllflow rules or does it go to next agent? Thanks,
  21. Sorry to hear that Anruag. Yeah, that website is not associated with 2600Hz and appears to be a scam.
  22. Thanks.. I doubt if those apps are genuine at all.. i got cheated.
  23. This is not the forums for Kazoo Pro (which I believe are knock-offs of the official 2600hz.com licensed apps). I doubt you will find any help here.
  24. I purchased the apps from kazoo Pro . When i am trying to load the apps using SUP command i am getting following error failed to validate app data /var/www/html/monster-ui/apps/conferences/: [wrong_length] Kindly Help
  25. We have both a Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure customers beta testing this now!; if you want to also test it, please click here.
  26. 2600Hz and TeamMate Technology Announce Partnership to Offer Microsoft Teams Integration HENDERSON, Nev., Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 2600Hz, a leading provider of unified business communications and the world-renowned KAZOO platform, and TeamMate Technology, a leading Microsoft Teams integration provider, have created a strategic partnership to provide 2600Hz customers with a Microsoft Teams direct routing integration. Microsoft Teams direct routing offers a SIP trunk integration from Teams to KAZOO for making outbound and receiving inbound calls from within the Teams application. "We understand that Teams is becoming the preferred workspace for many businesses. Our partnership with TeamMate gives our partners the ability to offer a much-requested integration, while also keeping their callflows, apps, and other essential tools available within KAZOO," said 2600Hz Co-CEO Patrick Sullivan. "2600Hz has the most popular open-source, multi-tenant cloud PBX technology. KAZOO service providers, like service providers on all PBX platforms, are asking how they can easily integrate with Microsoft Teams," said Micah Singer, Managing Director of TeamMate Technology. "With the TeamMate Connector, any KAZOO service provider now has an automated tool to add the Microsoft Teams dial-pad as another phone option complete with multi-level support, branding, and a Teams Application." With this integration, 2600Hz has paired the convenience of the Microsoft Teams app with the resiliency and reliability of the KAZOO platform. For additional information, including when the integration will be available for beta testing and production, click here. About 2600Hz: 2600Hz's cloud communications platform, KAZOO, modernizes how businesses provide communications services to their customers. With thoughtfully engineered tools built by leaders in the telecom industry, KAZOO offers feature-rich UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS solutions. For developers building their own telephony apps, 2600Hz offers 300+ APIs which provide access to the building blocks of the platform. For more information, visit http://www.2600Hz.com. About TeamMate Technology: TeamMate Technology builds and operates cloud software that integrates communication services – PBX, SIP Trunks, and business SMS – into Microsoft Teams. TeamMate Technology works with partners including Hosted PBX service providers, PBX manufacturers, MSPs, and technology distributors who need to integrate with Microsoft Teams. For more information, please visit https://www.teammatetechnology.com. 2600Hz Contact: Alisa Bartash Head of Marketing alisa@2600hz.com TeamMate Contact: Micah Singer Managing Director micah@teammatetechnology.com SOURCE 2600hz, Inc.
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