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  2. Hello thanks for your reply :-) I have see this page but i'm a very NEWBIE :-( I don't understand how exactly put all this code in a PHP file :-( I understand what to put in the pivot to linking to the php file i want. What i search is the caller choose the outcall number of the society. Exemple: Society A = Number 3221231212 Society B = Number 3229879898 I create callflow with pivot for example with number "2003" How to make the correct php file with code Json Inside to choose the society to make the calloutput.
  3. Yes, you can use the TFTP Recovery method to put a stock firmware back on the phones. (Just Google "Yealink TFTP recovery".) You can actually do the process without using a TFTP server if you wish, by putting the files on a USB thumb drive. Either way, you hold down the speakerphone button while the phone boots up and you'll be presented with a simple menu where you can load the recovery files.
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  5. I also use it via API on call flows. On Pivot you can select the caller id inside an Array (for example) and set it on the dynamic caller id with static option https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/applications/callflow/doc/dynamic_cid.md That can be configured as above on pivot also.
  6. Hello, i try to use the Dynamic CID on Callflow. I don't have access in the APP Exchange. Only see this one in Callflow. But when i create a call flow, it only ask me to enter the identity of caller follow by #. But all i enter is good. How to adapt the code beloww in a PIVOT for example to a PHP file.? Tks The goal is to select one af my 8 numbers in my account to make a call out.
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  8. I have yealink T42S phones, They wont provision correctly, on the screen It says sign in, user sign in or web sign in When select user sign in it asks for username password and website url When i select web sign in, its give me a URL which pairs with the computer, whatever. Sounds like it's configured with Microsoft or something like that. Resetting to factory doesnt help. When i try pairing it gives me this url: http://aka.ms/sphone with a code, Does anyone know how to reset it to factory ?
  9. Same question here. Kamailio has mod stirshaken but... would be great to have this module with kazoo-kamailio packets.
  10. @naveed6865 Yeh I have set up an elastic IP for Kamailio and Kamailio is bound to private IP but advertising the elastic IP ie: listen=udp:a.a.a.a:5060 advertise x.x.x.x:5060 ##a.a.a.a is your private IP address x.x.x.x is the external IP address I then configure the modparam to enable the double RR setting, but at this point I get two RR both containing the elastic IP. For aliasing are you suggesting I set up a vip of the elastic IP on an alias interface ie eth0:0?? OR Alias in kamailio config ie alias=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx?? Its worth noting I only have a single nic.
  11. is your NAT ip of kamailio and private ip are different in your kamailio? Normally, in AWS, kamailio has one private IP and advertised ip will be the elastic public ip of aws node. So when double RR enabled in the kamailio, it will put both private and public ips in the record route, you have use Alias of both private ip and public ip then it will insert both.
  12. Today is Labor Day in US. Our offices will be closed. If you experience major operational emergency and support is required{ Please first submit a ticket to support@2600hz.com then call our support line at (415) 886-7950 to escalate it. For all other support requests, you may submit a ticket by emailing support@2600hz.com and your ticket will be handled when we return on Tuesday, September 7th.
  13. Today is Independence Day in US. Our offices will be closed. If you experience major operational emergency and support is required{ Please first submit a ticket to support@2600hz.com then call our support line at (415) 886-7950 to escalate it. For all other support requests, you may submit a ticket by emailing support@2600hz.com and your ticket will be handled when we return on Tuesday, July 6th.
  14. Hi Naveed, When enabling dourble record routing (setting 'modparam("rr", "enable_double_rr", 2)') in kamailio config.... kamalio will insert the advertised sip address in both headers - which in my case is the AWS Elastic IP/NAT IP. Is it possible to tell kamailio to advertise both the Public/NAT IP and Private IP in the two RR headers? Cheers
  15. A connection issue - The problem I have is that freeswitch is generating a bye in a play scenario but the bye can't be routed to kamailio because freeswitch cannot reach the public IP (honouring record-route using a route header to direct bye).
  16. What's the symptoms you're seeing from this? Are you having connection or audio issues?
  17. you can enable double record route in kamailio, so kamailio will put both public and private ips, but actual communication will be on private ips between freeswitch and kamailio,
  18. Hi, I have Kazoo set up in aws providing the public IP address for NAT and kamailio bound to the private IP - as per https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/topic/11827-kazoo-in-azure-is-it-supporteddoes-it-work/?tab=comments#comment-61838 The issue I am having is that for any SIP Request (e.g INVITE).... KAMAILIO is inserting a record route of the public IP, regardless of whether the message is routing to a freeswitch box within AWS (bound on private IP) or externally to a sip device. Is there anyway to set up Kamailio to NOT advertise the public IP (in RR header) if connecting to a f
  19. Earlier
  20. Hello Everyone we have strange issue comming with kazoo that we uploaded media for IVR 1 year back and suddenly prompt is not working and when we investigated its showing 404 Bad Identifeir for that one particular account. All other recordings files are there intact, only one file stopped working. Do any body faced such type of issue. Regards Naveed
  21. We use Enterprise Bria/Stretto and create four devices per user and add them to attribute pools. Attributes in the pool are associated to the correct bria user. Works perfect as long as you arent paying per sip device you create.
  22. That API Endpoint was removed for open source users but still live on 2600hz cluster. Most of the functionality is available via /services endpoint.
  23. @Mitch Welcome to the world of Yealink Custom Configs!!! Are you looking for a step by step on how to add/make changes via configs, so that the phone gets it's programming, versus you getting into the web interface every time? esoare
  24. Provided you have the ability to serve web pages over the Internet, you can create an XML file to support the functions you want to change and serve it on your web server. The option to retrieve the file is in Advanced Provisioner under Settings | Custom Config File URL. Please consider to never store credentials or personal information in that file.
  25. I may have overlooked this, but is there a way to modify the config of a yealink phone through advance provisioner? Example: I have several phones that I need to kill DND for. If I can get into them, I can dump the config, add the line needed, and upload back to the phone, but is there a way to do this using advanced provisioner for phones that are on a VLAN that I cannot access remotely? Thanks for any input
  26. Today is the Juneteenth the US. Our offices will be closed. Holiday Background On June 19th, 1865, the Emancipation Proclamation— which had been issued on January 1, 1863— was read to enslaved African-Americans in Texas by Gordon Granger. This date signifies the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved people in the Confederacy. This was 2.5 years after the Emancipation Proclamation and while history after this date was still fraught with Jim Crow and other discriminatory practices, Juneteenth is seen as a day of celebration. Texas was the last Confederate State to have the pro
  27. When i try to pull /accounts/{account_id}/service_plans I get a 404. So I need to start something in order to use service plans?
  28. e3ca0806-54a5-4edc-9b4a-1935151964cb|j5_hard_limit:65(<0.2907.0>) inbound_channels_per_did_limit AccountId: <<"2d54787d167f74af8ef1055e8cd4998b">> ToDid: <<"6601">> Used: 1 Limit: -1 Limit: -1 suggests unlimited trunks. The account appears misconfigured.
  29. Hey everyone, I am running into this as well. I built a "hack" we call the UC Proxy which allows this. But if we wanted to be able to allow multiple registrations on some device types, how hard would it be to modify kazoo to allow for this?
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