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  2. I resolved this by introducing a kamailio between FS and operator and configuring kamailio to send 180 immediatly after 183 . if ($rs == 183) { if ($si == "x.x.x.x" || $si == "x.x.x.x") { $var(msg_body) = $rb; $var(content_len) = $cl; $var(to_user) = $tU; remove_hf("Content-Type"); remove_body(); change_reply_status(180, "Ringing"); }
  3. I tried to set it on the resource, but it doesn't work. Is there a way to force FS to execute ring_ready even with a single device?
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  5. Hello, Did you implement Cgrates with kazoo?
  6. Welcome aboard @marginallysound! You're going to love experimenting with Kazoo – it's a fantastic platform with lots to offer.
  7. Hello ... have you made it available?
  8. Just looking to test out kazoo. Seems like a great platform.
  9. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our dedicated support site on Discord, designed to provide you with even more efficient pre-sales questions, assistance, training, and usage tips and tricks. Join our support channel https://discord.gg/q8P82CtH4y and experience quicker and more effective support than ever before. At ChatServ, we are dedicated to constant improvement, ensuring you have access to a superior messaging platform and top-tier support. Thank you for choosing ChatServ, and we eagerly anticipate bringing you even more exciting enhancements in the future. ChatServ Discord Support Channel https://discord.gg/q8P82CtH4y
  10. Hi Is there a way to setup call waiting tone for incoming calls when the user is busy with other call. As of now caller gets a regular RBT for call waiting calls .
  11. Would love to see a "Forward on Busy" at the User level to be enacted, for those clients that don't want a second call, and don't want to "reject or DND" at the Device level!
  12. Welcome @James Sands! Love the West Coast!
  13. @Liviu Muresan not sure, replying for visibility. bună ziua!
  14. Hi @MattForrest! We have a PHP script which is setup to run as preflow on the account, invoked by Pivot (made in Callflows app). This script can for intance handle presences (connected to calendar services, with a voice saying that a user is in a meeting and when he/she will be back, etc). I guess it would not be that hard to add functionality to check if any of the user's devices is in use and then disconnect the call with a busy tone / response. More info here: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/callflow/doc/preflow/ https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/pivot/doc/ https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/pivot/doc/kazoo/hangups/
  15. @tomas_ just out of interest how are you looking to achieve this server side using a preflow? Server side call waiting would be much better than having to handle this device by device, especially if a user has multiple devices.
  16. I see, thanks for your answer. Guess we'll embed this into the preflow script we already use.
  17. Hi @tomas_ Not really, we managed this on the client side
  18. Hi, did you found out anything about disabling call waiting in the backend? Br - Tomas
  19. Ok thanks for the clarification @mc_ I will make sure to install the open source white label app instead on clusters I build.
  20. @RuhNet definitely a private app that appears to have been exfiltrated. We know of someone (or someones) who had sandbox access that appear to have taken several private UI apps this way. The APIs are open for what the branding app does, but the UI code is not. I don't know what we can do about it but if you want to share any information privately, feel free to contact me and we can look into it.
  21. To be clear, it doesn't exist because this is quite possibly the first time in 13 years someone has actually wanted to use this in KAZOO. So, while your request might be widely accepted, in practice it does not seem to be widely desired within the KAZOO userbase (or folks just don't mention the lack of this feature as important). If this is a typical thing Teams will be doing, however, it could end up on our roadmap, as we do have the Teams integration now. Will pass along to our team managing that, thanks!
  22. Thanks for the reply mc_. I was under the impression VOIP was more advanced and versatile than traditional telco. Even our cell phones will process the , as pause if you enter that in the phone number dial pad. This is Microsoft Teams sending the outbound call via a SBC into Kazoo, so I don't know if there is an option to enter the sleep and send dtmf .. , will have to go back to the drawing board. Thanks for helping! Cheers
  23. That is not a supported way to dial, no. You could see about using the sleep and send_dtmf callflow actions via the channels API. In general, there aren't many ways to interact with an established b-leg via the callflow itself (most actions like user/device/resources will block in the action while the bridge is up, and only continue processing the callflow on SIP error).
  24. My understanding is this is one of the closed source apps and should be obtainable through 2600hz's sales team. We're a self hosted global infrastructure client and use the Branding app; it works great!
  25. Hi all, It is a widely accepted practice of adding comma (,) in a number string to introduce a 2 second pause so that the extension can be entered automatically via the call. When a request is sent in this format: "request": "+18071234567,2118@domainv.com", it returns "No Route Destination" how are others handling this request? or this isn't something that is supported? Thanks in advance.
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