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  4. Some questions about Kazoo/Monster

    Can you send me an email with quotes of the Hosted Cloud, Private Cloud, Global Infrastructure and app licensing for the opensource version? I don't think the first two solutions are viable for us since we aren't US based. Also, I sent an short email to the sales dept a couple of days ago but got no answer. Also that's a bit of a technical question but how Kazoo does call routing then?
  5. Some questions about Kazoo/Monster

    Hello Glauber, Thank you so much for posting your questions. Hope this post answers your questions. I’d be happy to get on a call for further discussion. The different options to get started with Kazoo are as follows: Hosted Cloud: Our SaaS solution is ideal for resellers looking to manage devices, DIDs, trunks and more at a touch of a button. Hosted Cloud is fully redundant inside and across data centers and supports multiple back end carriers, with automated failover across zones. Private Cloud: The Private Cloud suit is ideal for US partners looking for a private, secure and fast platform. This product combines and optimizes renting server space with purchasing as advanced telecom solution. Let 2600Hz manage the servers and uptime so you can focus on deploying quickly and reliably to your users. Global Infrastructure: Partners interested in enjoying complete control over their network and carrier providers should deploy KAZOO's clusters architecture inside their own data centers. Global infrastructure is perfect for clients who prefer to bring their own infrastructure ( data center or cloud). Let 2600Hz install, monitor and support your cluster 24/7, so you can focus on the end users and on uptime and cost. All of the above options come with our licensed app. You also have the option of using our OpenSource version. The OpenSource Kazoo platform does not contain all of the licensed apps. It does have the core apps of Kazoo. The Hosted Cloud and Private Cloud are on our servers located in the US. The Global Infrastructure can be deployed anywhere in the world. Kazoo does not do LCR, Rating, Billing, and Accounting at the moment. As the platform is completely API driven, you can integrate with any third party apps to get your billing and accounting taken care of. With Kazoo you have the option of either bringing in your own carrier or using 2600Hz as your carrier provider. Only a few closed apps are available on the open source platform. In order to get access to all the closed apps, one would have to be on our licensed platforms. The Kazoo platform supports a variety of dial prompts and few languages. You can definitely do some development from your end and add it to 2600Hz's Kazoo platform. If need be, we can take it as a development project from you as well. Thank you, Chai
  6. Some questions about Kazoo/Monster

    No, no one has gotten back to me yet.
  7. Some questions about Kazoo/Monster

    Hi Glauber! Thank you so much for posting your questions - I am just checking in to see if anyone has gotten back to you yet? If not I am happy to help answer your questions
  8. Some questions about Kazoo/Monster

    Hi, we're a small startup hosting PBX for our clients and we are looking into Kazoo for our VOIP needs. So, what we need to know is: 1- Will a self hosted Kazoo install have the same benefits of your SaaS? 2- Does Kazoo do LCR, Rating, Billing, Accounting in one or more of it's apps? If not, how hard could it be to implement these functions on Monster UI or externally? 3- Is it possible to acquire the closed/non-public apps on our self hosted installation? 4- What is needed to localize Monster UI and the dial prompts to our language? In any case, we could PR back our changes to 2600hz. Thanks.
  9. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    I like it! Perhaps as default, make a BookMark "Private" instead of "Public"? I am fine with the "Following" being Public as well as the REP etc... But BookMarks.... I don't know... I guess, I can make the choice. Let's go with Default "Public", but allow a "Private" bookmark option. Great suggestion on a Topic give feedback on the Forum! esoare
  10. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    I wonder if this bookmark plug-in would be the same as your star request? https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/438150-bookmarks-support-topic/ Also, maybe we should create a topic to discuss the forums themselves? (I brought this up before and was told it was a good idea, but I think that we forgot about it.)
  11. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    Is there an option to "STAR" a post? For instance. I can go to my member page, and under "Post" see all the upvote/downvote activity. I am curious if there is a "STAR" option, that would place a particular post in a "STAR" category. The reason is, I want to "STAR" The post below in https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/topic/1616-so-you-want-to-play-with-mikrotik-routers/ because it has great information that I want to see later...but I don't want to "Search", or go through a post's other stuff, until I find it. The Star, should take me to the Link, but directly to the Post.... Not sure if that is possible. It's not necessary, but seems like a pretty powerful feature. P.s. once again, GREAT forum!! esoare hAP AC (RB962UiGS-5HacT2HnT-US) Be aware the WiFi on this could be better. I get something like 30 ms more jitter on average using WiFi vs wired. That's a little high, but it is WiFi, most people won't notice. Also, Jeff's mentioned to me that the WiFi uses the CPU, so potentially, large WiFi thoughput could cause issues. But, considering your WAN will be limited anyhow, this is only of major concern if you have a client pulling large files off a LAN server over WiFi. And... that's a pretty edge scenario. Long story short, this is my go to for <30 Mbit connections and <20 users and I use it personally at home. Recently On My Radar.... CRS125-24G-1S-2HnD-IN This thing's kind of cool. It's a 24 port switch with WiFi. And because it runs the Mikrotik software you can use it as a SoHo router. One of my IT partners selected it for their customer and asked me if it'd work. I told them it should and it's been working pretty well for that client for a few months now. Really wish it had POE though... Throughput seems to be in the 30 Mbit range as well. But, I havn't done extensive testing on it. Let me know if you want to use this, it requires a small tweak to my script to allow bridging/masterporting of all the switch interfaces. hEX (RB750Gr3) LOVE. THIS. THING. And it's only $60. I wish more clients would let me use it. But, most want an all in one WiFi/Router. It's actually got a faster processor than the hAP and without WiFi bogging down CPU, You can go up to 50Mbps on these. Did I mention I love these? If I were my customer's IT person, I'd be rolling these or RB3011 /w sperate WiFi APs all day long. RB3011 for 50Mbit+ onsite router Theoretically this guys handle about 3Gbps of total thoughput even loaded down with a bunch of firewall rules and Queues. All for <$200. Love it. If my client has access to 50Mbit+ service at their site and isn't terribly price conscious, this is my recommendation + external WiFi. EASY remote management? No, not particularly easy. There's a build in DDNS you can enable. Then you'll be able to access the router via ROUTERSERIALNUMBER.sn.mynetname.net after you put in a firewall rule allowing it using your preference of Winbox/SSH/or :shutter: WebGUI. Once you get in, it's not EASY, but it is stupid powerful. @Logicwrath might be able to give you more info. He plays with this a lot. OH, BTW, turn Safe Mode on if you are editing configs remotely! This makes it so that you are only messing with the running config. And if something goes horribly wrong, just ask you client to reboot the router and it'll come back up with the old config. @Tuly Well... 1) Cost I mean they have a $30 hAP mini... That's got WiFi and can handle about 20 Mbit with full QoS. Not my personal favorite, but for a small branch or an work from home employee's house, it's great. Then there's the hAP AC for $130 that's got decent WiFi and can handle 50 Mbit with full QoS. And then a full blown gigabit+ with QoS for under $200. (RB3011) All with no re-occurring costs. (I'm looking at you meraki) 2) Scipting You can create and regularly run scripts on these routers. I've leveraged this to make my routers automatically find and prioritize VOIP phones. But, I've seen a bunch of other cool stuff. Enabling port kocking for remote access, dual auth, reporting, logging, billing stuff. 3) Wide Variety Of Hardware Options There's a router for pretty much every level of need. From the tiny hAP mini to the $3000 cloud cores that run Africa's whole internet. And, for the most part configs that work on the mini will work on the Cloud Core and vice versa. 4) Features, Features, Features, Features Pretty much every Mikrotik comes with the full suite of features right off the bat. Want to do BGP on your $129 hAP AC? Ok, it's there. Or, how about setting up a site-to-site VPN. YUP, it can do that. What about WiFi or HotSpotting or RIP routing or OSPF routing or packet shaping/QoS or MPLS or Radius or LTE.... I mean the list just keeps going and going. 4) Easy Hand Off Combined with the script I offer, I can ask an IT person a few questions and send them a fully functioning QoS router that'll work in almost any scenario. Before I made the script, we basically had three options, hope the client didn't saturate their connection and cause call quality issues/buy more bandwidth than the client could ever use, set static IPs on the phones and do QoS based on those IPs or do VLANing. The first option was never really an option for me, that's just not how I roll. Options two (static ips) works, but when the client inevitably wants to move a phone somewhere else it causes problems, I've also had IT guys change the DHCP pool on me and cause conflicts and there's been other weird edge issues I can't recall right now. Also, it can be kind of a pain to get a static pool for every location for clients with 10+ locations. Finally, option 3 (VLANs) are great and pretty much best practice. But, you'd be surprised how many IT people don't like them, don't know how they work or just don't want to do that. I find that getting an IT person that wants to do this is the exception. Now, I can support any setup their IT guy wants. I can do DHCP from the router, or let them do DHCP from their DC. I can support VLANing if they want, but I don't have to have it if they don't want to. We can do DNS or let a local server do it. They can assign static IPs to the phones if they are more comfortable or let DHCP handle it. So long as the router can find the phones in it's ARP table, my QoS will work and that's a pretty low bar. 4) Street Cred Only half joking here. We get quite a bit of referrals from local IT guys. And in the initial stages of a partnership, when they want to know what routers we prefer answering MikroTik and being able to geek out on the subject puts your in a whole different category of vendor than most. 5) API (Maybe Someday) Much like with Kazoo, I liked that there was an API from the get go. I may never use it. But I want to know it's there. Because for example with Kazoo, I use it EXTENSIVELY now. Maybe I will with Mikrotik some day. Or not, but it's there! Edited 23 hours ago by Rick Guyton
  12. Linking of two separate p.r.i lines

    Unfortunately, I still have no idea what you're asking :-/
  13. Linking of two separate p.r.i lines

    will be linked or not by using a kazoo Thanks Rajat
  14. Linking of two separate p.r.i lines

    You can use PRIs with Kazoo. But I don't know what you mean by "linking" two PRIs?
  15. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    Confirmed working! es
  16. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    Found the setting and changed it! You should now be able to edit.
  17. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    I might be able to fix that.
  18. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    It only appears for a certain amount of time... Not sure what the time limit is.
  19. We will begin assisting with your upgrades after September 12th once hosted platform upgrades have been completed and appear to be stable. Stay tuned for more details around the uograde process.
  20. 4.1 KAZOO Upgrade - Hosted Platform

    Look for specific maintenance window notices as we get closer to that weekend for exact times.
  21. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    There should be an edit button, no?
  22. Complete 4.1 Overview: Re-write of BLF (Fundamental re-write of how it works) More robust solution Automatic of flushing BLF indications when call processing is lost (stuck lights) New maintenance commands to clear lights at account, zone and cluster level Notification email retry for failure (the inability to leave our system - NOT the failure to be received) - We are just retrying if email can’t leave our servers. Provides a more reliable notification New maintenance commands to view notifications, status failures, and retries Kamailio Auto Discovery of FS servers Kamilio will automatically manage the dispatcher list Use the command: kazoo-Kamailio status Dbtext is no longer used /etc/kazoo/kamailio/dbtext - Note: if you are doing what you’ve always done, it’s not going to work anymore Make sure your Kamailio is properly federated on a multi-zone cluster to avoid inter zone call looping Kazoo Cluster Status Enhancements Kamailio dispatcher list is now included along with the current dispatcher state for easy trouble-shooting of call routing issues Includes the configured Kamailio roles to easily identify architecture of a cluster. Debug presence information to help balance the presence/blf load Performance Improvements Improvements to CPS Added feature to block anonymous callers We are deprecating the old way of doing this by creating a blacklist with a phone number comprised of all 0’s Please convert to using the new parameter - See our documentation site for more details Features that identify missed calls that didn’t leave a message - No missed opportunities Sponsored by Bluetel Parking enhancements - Changes to how parking is stored in the DB for performance and stability Default email templates have been improved/enhanced/updated This is an opt in. Will NOT be automatic - will require sys admins to run a command and sub resellers that have white labeled to reset their templates (using the branding app) On hosted this is not opt in. If you have not white-labeled the templates, expect them to change once the update occurs Any customization made will be lost - test on sandbox Improved email to voicemail templates (highly requested feature) Identifies the actual VM box Account info provided at bottom Format phone numbers: You can now identify the country for local calls Quest for internationalization Various ways to format. Users can configure to see numbers from various countries in more comfortable display formats Improved user experience Storage Integrations (Google drive, AWS (store VM/Fax storage) Call recording, voicemails, faxing all included More to come on integrations (GD, AWS, etc) in next few months Call Recording Ability to turn on/off at the account, user and device level for inbound, outbound, internal and external Changing call flows no longer required Ability to use first storage integrations in the platform (google drive, AWS) Port Submission (now a port history can be pulled) Complete revamp. More user friendly, greater reliability, can view a timeline of all porting events Multi factor authentication integrations Starting with DUO for user login Things to be Aware of: When installing any RPM in CentOS you should always watch for warnings about “.rpmnew” files during the install process. In this particular case, it is critical you resolve these warnings or Kazoo will not start. This is due to how the cookie management for Erlang is managed, which has changed. Specifically: Watch out for .rpmnew files in /etc/kazoo/kamailio If these are not resolved - Kamilio will not start, BLF will not work, won’t discover freeswitch servers Watch out for .rpmnew files in /etc/kazoo/core Changes to vm.args is resulting in RPMnew files that will keep kazoo from starting - simply overwrite the vm.args with vm.args.rpmnew No longer edit vm.args Upgrade Schedule & Details For those on our Hosted Platform, the intended release date is the weekend of September 9th, 2017 (look for specific maintenance window notices as we get closer to that weekend for exact times). For Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure clients, we will begin assisting with your upgrades after September 12th, once our rollout to hosted platform has been completed and is stable. All paid 2600Hz customers are strongly encouraged to review the new applications and updates on our sandbox servers, prior to the rollout of this version, to ensure you understand the new features and are able to ask questions before updates are visible to customers. Let us know if you have any questions surrounding the 4.1 Release and look for upcoming emails and announcements with more details. Team 2600Hz
  23. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    How can I edit a POST which is already submitted ?
  24. FLOSS WEEKLY w/ Randall Schwartz

    Join 2600Hz CEO, Darren Schreiber and CTO, Karl Andersen as they walk through the evolution of the KAZOO platform and how its changing the telephony landscape. More details - https://twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly
  25. Channel Partners Evolution

    https://tmt.knect365.com/channel-partners-evolution/ Located in Austin, TX
  26. Mobile World Congress

    Join us at the premier mobile industry event for the Americas. The conference will be held in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. For more info:https://www.mwcamericas.com/
  27. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    What about signing emails with PGP?
  28. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    We do not allow email signatures or profile signatures. The resources you are using here are paid for by 2600Hz and 2600Hz customers and too many people try to use email signatures, in my opinion from past forums, to advertise their services who don't contribute to the project. So they should be getting stripped or will be removed manually by moderators.
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