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  5. KAZOOCon '18


    WooHoo! KAZOOCon! KAZOOCon!
  6. Hey all - I have a client asking about our historical uptime of the hosted platform as a whole. Anyone have this data? thanks!
  7. Below are release notes for the next update, targeted for - Friday, April 13th after 5:00pm PDT: Fixes Fixes bigcouch issue causing missing MAC indexing doc preventing phone from provisioning Removes v81 firmware for Yealink T4xS series phones because of audio quality issues Adds missing custom config file setting for Yealink T2x phones that support v81+ firmware Fixes issue where Yealink T3x can't retrieve config files due to security update Fixes Yealink timezone name for Australia Fixes missing secondary DNS settings Replaces "current" firmware with "Use own firmware" to remove the confusion and allow users to use firmwares not listed Fixes provisioning URL in the Grandstream GXP21xx template Disables all codecs not set through the UI Fixes bug for Cisco DNS/NAPTR settings Forces Polycoms to always reboot when updating settings Fixes off by one bug with Yealink Combo Keys New Features Security Update All phones now must first be added to Provisioner before entering the provisioning URL. If a device doesn't exist in Provisioner requests it's config files, it'll be banned for an hour. 10 unique failed requests for config files from an IP address will ban the IP for an hour Yealink RPS integration All new Yealink phones added to Provisioner will automatically add a server and MAC pairing to Yealink RPS. Once the phone boots up, it'll pull the provisioning URL directly from Yealink without users having to input it manually. Polycom VVX 500/600 video codec support Adds ability to set the number of line keys per line for Polycoms New Models Yealink - CP920 - CP960 - W60B VTech VCS752 We're continually working to enhance and improve overall functionally of supported devices. If you don't see your specific feature request addressed in this update, don't worry, even more are coming soon!
  8. Would anyone share a demo with me?

    Call sales if you haven't already, i believe rhis has changed.
  9. Kazoo in IMS

    Kazoo is API driven so I suppose if the IMS environment has a way to write adapters to talk to Kazoo it should be possible. Do you have a system in mind?
  10. Open Source Dev Community Call


    Every two weeks is correct.
  11. Open Source Dev Community Call


    Thanks. Also note that the forum calendar says every two weeks, but I think it is every week right?
  12. Open Source Dev Community Call


    @Te Matau 9:30 Pacific, so yeah, 16:30-17:00 now with the time change. One day the forum will have proper timezone support!
  13. Open Source Dev Community Call


    Can you please confirm when the next community call is: 27 March 2018 17:30-18:00 UTC? 27 March 2018 9:30-10:00 PDT or PST? Thanks
  14. 4.2 Release

    Maybe off topic, but the open source version 4.2 seems to be released now. I got it when updated with yum.
  15. 4.2 Release

    This week
  16. Kazoo in IMS

    Hi All, Is it possible to use Kazoo as an Application Server for IP-Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) environment? Maybe someone has some experience/references of integration Kazoo/Kamalio/Freeswitch with IMS core? Regards, Mikhail
  17. Advanced e911 - granular based on room or building

    Hello, I started thinking about this today as well as I was reviewing an RFP. The RFP references Michigan's guide lines for multi-line telephone systems: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/msp/FINAL_MLTS_Guidelines_503991_7.pdf At first glance this it appears that to meet the requirements you need to enter the location of the phone in the "Address Line 2" box of the E911 emergency address: According to that PDF it looks like this will be required for MLTS by December 31st 2019. "Under Michigan law, the provision of an Emergency Response Location (ERL) for every telephone capable of dialing 911 on a multi-line telephone system is required by December 31, 2019." I know in the past we talked about introducing locations into Monster UI to help with managing e911 for larger accounts with multiple locations. As I was thinking about this specific use case (for RFP's requiring the location information) I was wondering if it was possible to allow the location information (Address Line 2) to be merged from the User and Device level when the call is processed. Perhaps this is what you were mentioning earlier in the thread Darren. The wording above makes it sound like all MLTS systems will require this by 2020.
  18. KAZOO 4.2 Upgrade Highlights

    @Mike Montgomery From reading the list, everything not Qubicle-related is in the open source project.
  19. KAZOO 4.2 Upgrade Highlights

    Great news guys! Thank you so much for your continued time and effort with Kazoo. I am shi**ing myself in anticipation :)) @Mike Montgomery Open Source support will be coming in the "next week".
  20. KAZOO 4.2 Upgrade Highlights

    Are all the cool 4.2 features mentioned above being made available in the Open Source version too?
  21. KAZOO 4.2 Upgrade Highlights

    Looks great guys! I also understand there are some performance enhancements in 4.2, so don't forget to showcase them! As part of the qubicle updates, will there be an event emitted when an agent gets on and off a non-queue call since qubicle is now aware of non-queue calls? "Added ability to load all queues and recipients with single API call" - What is this new API call? Any update on wiretap with the queues? As part of the call recording storage updates: "Improvements to Call Recording storage - Ensure storing call recordings to an HTTP URL works as expected (Google Drive / AWS)" Does that indicate that these storage options are supported in 4.2?
  22. Hey Everyone, We’re excited to announce the Kazoo 4.2 release is primed and stable for launch! To ensure a smooth transition and address any real-time issues that may occur, we’ve segmented the upgrade into phases that we'll roll out based on your platform. Hosted Platform Clients: We’ll be kicking off the upgrade with Hosted Platform clients this weekend - The update will begin on Sunday, March 25th, 2018 at 10pm PST. No disruption to service is expected. Private Cloud & Global Infrastructure: If all goes well, Kazoo 4.2 will be available to private cloud and global infrastructure clients for upgrade via Cluster Manager next week (remember to let us know before you schedule an upgrade with your clients!). Look for more communications around this soon! Open Source: Over the next week we’ll be promoting 4.2 as stable for all open-source users. Feel free to connect with us in the community if you have any questions. You can find highlights of what’s in 4.2 below: (*Please note that some bugs were also released as part of 4.1 so may already be in your environment if they were deemed urgent.) Feel free to comment or reply to this post with any questions and our team will do our best to get back to you ASAP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What to Expect from the 4.2 Upgrade: Feature Updates, Bug Fixes & More Features We are launching a refreshed login page – complete with social media buttons you can configure in our Branding app! Our Branding app has been redesigned to make it easier to brand your customer’s experience – including previews of the branding. The Voicemail Manager app has been updated to have a more intuitive experience. The Fax Manager app has s sleek new interface to enhance the usability. All email notification templates that are using the system-wide standard will be updated to a new, friendlier, nicer looking format. System admins can now “impersonate” any user on the system they have access to, so that debugging is easier, from Monster UI. Multiple Call Center improvements, including: New Features A new reporting API Added CSV support to reporting API Improved event sending to reduce erroneous warning messages Shortened callid's for recipient dialouts Added ability to load all queues and recipients with single API call Switch from using "Action" field to "Event-Name" to be consistent with other Kazoo applications Added support for tracking non-Qubicle calls Added CCV's with information about queue actions to inbound calls Improved hold-treatment handling Added "Event-Timestamp" to enable events to display correct timers regardless of client time correctness Agent/manager role enforcement in the UI Timers sync’d across different clients/browsers/time zones Visually improve app loading Show problem queues in real time without reloading the app Greater Stability: Improved routing strategies and routing metrics Improved logging for all entities Improved call offer process Simplified session management Improved session join process to prevent timeouts due to network latency Added active session check to prevent "ghost" sessions Improved failure handling during outbound dialing to agents Improved system startup across multiple zones Improved process management across nodes Added sensu checks for Qubicle to monitor telemetry Vulnerability Fixes KAZOO-5848: A sophisticated hacker who gained access to a Kazoo server’s internal RabbitMQ management port, when deployed in a multi-zone configuration, and where RabbitMQ was configured to require a password, could manipulate the WebSockets application to emit the password for RabbitMQ access. This is due to the user/pass being part of the AMQP broker URL itself. These changes were implemented to protect against this: Filter optional AMQP headers prior to exposing externally (#4625) Ensure UI applications that use websocket channel create/answer/destroy events show the current call state properly (primarily Operator Console) The Kamailio team has notified the public of a security vulnerability where a malformed packet can be used to overrun memory space, causing Kamailio to crash. A sophisticated hacker may be able to manipulate memory space for other purposes as well. This is fixed in Kamailio 5.0.4j and higher. Bug Fixes Fixed incorrect failure code for inbound faxes HELP-34413: Inbound faxes show wrong failure code (TX not RX) if there is a failure Improved parking stops efficiency at the account level HELP-34315: Parking Stops working in accounts after repeat create/delete of parking documents Improved VM security HELP-34437: Improve security of voicemail for customers who do not follow our GUI setup process and misconfigure fields, to avoid hacking of insecure voicemail boxes Corrected time of day HELP-34176: Time of Day not working on Mondays in some cases (also fixed in 4.1) Improved Webhook data and compatibility HELP-32874: Webhook data not backward compatible with old CDR format (fixed) Removed duplicate call recording events HELP-33420: Fixed inbound call recording duplicate events Enhanced caller ID settings in Smart PBX HELP-33189: Allow setting Caller ID in SmartPBX for a number in porting state Enhanced VM recording media HELP-34868: Enforce media_source for cf_voicemail when recording voicemail greetings Porting updates HELP-34892: Phone numbers in port_in state are not set to in_service after successful inbound calls Fixed Voicemail-to-email errors HELP-34519: Voicemail-to-Email Notification is disabled: a new voicemail message might be still marked "saved" or "deleted". BLF improvements for *98 Support for BLF on mailbox via *98 + mailbox number Resolved Provisioner Crashes KAZOO-5837: provisioner_v5 crashes when trying to get the label for presence combo key Updated device ring groups KAZOO-5575: Ring group does not check if device is deleted Revised Doodle requirements KAZOO-5636: Doodle should not be a required app, currently kazoo crashes when doodle is not installed Improved email notifications KAZOO-5718: Comments entered in the GUI by the user for a port do not cause an email notification Enhanced ledger query functionality KAZOO-5657: Queries for large number of ledgers can crash kazoo applications Improvements to Call Recording storage Ensure storing call recordings to an HTTP URL works as expected (Google Drive / AWS) Fixed whitelabel upload errors KAZOO-5794: After uploading a new whitelabel logo with Monster UI on sandbox, 404 on the following request to GET the /logo Improved default port templates KAZOO-5717: Default port email templates don't include port messages Refined voicemail retention capabilities KAZOO-5736: As a user I want kazoo voicemail to not count messages older than retention duration Qubicle Fixes Cancel offer timeout when offer is rejected Remove bindings for outbound recipient calls after use Removed "primary_node" field from queue configurations Filter invalid endpoint types before attempting outbound recipient calls Fixed overflow timeout bug Correctly return error codes for failures during outbound dialing to agents Check to prevent duplicate sessions
  23. 4.2 Release

    Good Morning, Has 4.2 been officially released in the hosted environment? if so, is there a set release date for the private cloud environment?
  24. INTRO: Software Release Announcements

    With a presence id configured that should not be the case. If you can, please open a help ticket and provide a callid for investigation. Thanks.
  25. INTRO: Software Release Announcements

    @Mark Magnusson - yeah we tried that but still has the same effect. Queue calls are still delivered to agents while they are on a call. Ughhhhh
  26. INTRO: Software Release Announcements

    Don't know if it is relevant, but we just discussed this in another thread:
  27. INTRO: Software Release Announcements

    @Josh Robbins It's more of a feature than a fix It is actually already live on 4.1. Simply ensure that your agents' users have a "presence_id" configured. This can be configured in Advanced Callflows -> User -> Advanced Settings -> Caller ID Tab -> Presence ID Field (right at the top).
  28. INTRO: Software Release Announcements

    Darren - can you please post (or link) to what's included in 4.2? Specifically looking for the Qubicle fix that logs people out/in when they get on personal calls. Also wondering about whisper/barge for non call center users.
  29. Would anyone share a demo with me?

    The email I got back, which I think was probably automated, states it’s ‘only available in the 48 contiguous United States and Canada’.
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