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  2. We are using New Rock Technologies’ 4/8 port FXO gateways, as well as ISDN PRI gateways for PSTN connectivity. They are pretty generic comparing to others. I am, really, looking for general method of setting up outside lines with these gateways rather than SIP trunks on Kazoo platform. Thanks
  3. Well, yes, I and probably others have experience with this but there are many many different multiport gateways, all with various ways of being setup and with various features/limitations/etc. So, more detail is needed before a useful response can be provided. Are you working with a specific brand/device you are having an issue with, or looking for recommendations, or ???
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  5. Hi, I am looking for help to set up multi-port FXO and ISDN gateways, connecting to PSTN. Does anyone have experience in this? I saw someone set up a GSM gateway for a single line. Thanks, RS
  6. This is mostly correct. It wasn't about revenue, though. It was about controlling the features of the phone reliably from both the web interface and the phone itself - something that's impossible to do if the phones use the same registration. For example if someone enables call forwarding in their NY office to their cell while traveling to their SF office, then gets to SF, realizes they want to disable call forwarding, but it was set on their NY phone, now there's no way to do that if it's on the phone locally. But they'll still call support demanding we fix it (which we really can't, at least not without server-side sync which is model-specific and complex to build). So we decided early on not to do this.
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  8. I was thinking, something along the lines of how preflow works, but have a postflow as a callflow element.
  9. I was trying to think if there was a clever way to use CAMP for this. However, I don't think you can camp an active call. https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/callflow/doc/camping_feature/
  10. Have you ever taken a survey after speaking to customer service rep? If you opt-in, the call automatically transfers to a survey after the call ends with the CSR. Is there a way to force a call transfer or next callflow element after the call completes/ terminates? Any ideas would be appreciated apart from having the CSR do the transfer, as you know how that may end up.
  11. The setting to allow the same account to register multiple times has been turned off since Kazoo essentially generates revenue based on the number of accounts that get setup. As I understand it, you can register multiple devices using the same account. However, whichever device was the last one to check in to the cluster is likely the device that will receive any inbound calls. You can for example, create a generic account configured to dial out as a secondary phone number and register this one account onto multiple devices at the same time. Any outbound calls placed to this account should work normally. It would be the incoming calls that would generate a problem. However, in this use case, you may not require inbound calling since the main priority is the ability to switch phone numbers for an outbound call easily.
  12. Good afternoon, We're wondering if anyone else has run into this before and potentially has a solution. What our customers want, is to use Bria across multiple devices with one set of SIP credentials. Counterpath(Bria) support says they do support this, however, it's up to the provider to handle two registrations with the same SIP credentials and send the call to the multiple endpoints. My understanding with Kazoo is the registrations walk on each other and only the most recent one gets used. Is there any way to allow one set of credentials to be used for multiple registrations, and signaling to go out to both? Thanks!
  13. Hi. If it's done with replication, you may experience high load on CouchDB itself. Very likely you're going to have a big number of databases and lots of running replication tasks. And clearly, if a DB struggles - all other components are going to have problems too. This question is not that simple, actually. But you can try ))
  14. Hi all, Thanks for all the answers, much appreciated. It finally worked by referring to Meat's detailed information. Here is my configuration. On Freeswitch vi /etc/kazoo/freeswitch/sip_profiles/sipinterface_1.xml <param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="x.x.x.x"/> ##x.x.x.x is the external IP address you have assigned to this instance <param name="local-network-acl" value="NOPE"/> ##this is the setting I hadn't configured before, so the RTP routing had problems. systemctl restart kazoo-freeswitch On Kamailio vi /etc/kazoo/kamailio/local.cfg listen=udp:a.a.a.a:5060 advertise x.x.x.x:5060 ##a.a.a.a is your private IP address x.x.x.x is the external IP address systemctl restart kazoo-kamailio Thanks Tommy
  15. if Media is not working, then go to freeswitch configs and change ext-sip-ip and ext-rtp-ip to your public ip since SDP is running through freeswitch, Kamailio is only handling sip signaling.
  16. Hey Tommy, I would highly suggest you look at this post for help getting Kazoo working behind a NAT. This discusses using Azure and AWS, all of which use NAT'ng. Should get you all squared away... And to directly add some guidance to your question there, if your signaling is working correctly then you've most likely got Kamailio setup correctly (still double check with link above). Freeswitch is what handles your media in the Kazoo setup and it needs to be told as well that it's behind a NAT.
  17. Hello. You can edit the local.cfg of the Kamailio config, and add an advertisement rule, so your listen rule looks something like listen=udp: advertise More here: https://www.kamailio.org/wiki/cookbooks/devel/core
  18. Hi everyone! I have set a KAZOO server behind NAT. The problem is that Kamailio fills the private IP address in SIP messages. By modifying some parameters of Kamailio, SIP signaling transmission works well, but RTP forwarding still has problems. Does anyone know how to configure SDP to use a public IP address? Any guidance would be appreciated. Tommy
  19. Thank you very much! Changing outbound proxy helped me.
  20. Q1 2021 Quarterly Newsletter From March 30, 2021 It’s hard to believe that we’re almost at the end of the first quarter of 2021 — time flies! Spring has sprung, and we hope you’re having a great start to the new year. As always, 2600Hz has been hard at work which means we have lots of exciting updates for you. Key Highlights From Q1 We began the year in January with an exciting announcement that our very own CEO and Co-Founder Darren Schreiber joined the Cloud Communication Alliance’s Board of Directors. We’re thrilled that Darren was elected to the Board and look forward to all of his contributions to the CCA. In other big news around 2600Hz, we welcomed a new Product Marketing Associate to expand our marketing team. He has jumped right in and is already making his mark— you can hear him on the Free UC w/ 2600Hz podcast as our new co-host! He shared his expertise in episode 25 about creating a profitable pricing strategy and episode 26 about why we’re running out of phone numbers. In February we relaunched our Call Center page — if you haven’t seen it, we encourage you to check it out! We enhanced the page with more screenshots of our Call Center’s UI so you can see just how user friendly it is. Speaking of 2600hz.com, we’re in the process of expanding the site and, over the next few months, we’ll be adding a handful of new pages and resources. Be sure to keep an eye out! We have also added a few exciting sections to our Community Forums, including a Tips and Tricks forum that contains all the nuggets of KAZOO wisdom to put you one step closer to being a super user, and a brand new and a brand new Product Board — a one-stop shop for all feature requests where you can submit your ideas/feature requests, vote on existing requests, and see which ones we’re currently working on. And, in case you’re looking for tips on submitting or formatting a post in the Forums, we added those for you here. Just as in years past, 2021 is shaping up to be an extremely busy year. We’re closing out the quarter strong with a productive March. First, we released security enhancements to ensure our customers and their end users are even safer when provisioning phones. We also completed a multi-month project that involved upgrading our data centers so that our network is faster and more stable than ever. In addition, we were a Gold Sponsor of Cavell’s Cloud Comms Summit Europe, a multi-day event that convened Service Providers and vendors from across Europe and the US. Our COO and Co-Founder Patrick Sullivan discussed how Service Providers can stay ahead in a competitive market and joined other industry leaders for a panel discussion about innovation in the 2020s. We’re always excited to be part of Cavell Group’s events, meet and mingle with industry colleagues (even if virtually), and learn from Cavell’s group of experts. Marketing Updates It wouldn’t be a 2600Hz newsletter without some media and press updates. Here are a few highlights from Q1: Our COO and Co-Founder Patrick Sullivan joined Cavell for a podcast about Exploring Enterprise Needs. We were mentioned in a few No Jitter articles including The Newest UCaaS Provider: No Wires Attached and Evolution of CPaas: Voice is Next. UC Today wrote a few new articles featuring 2600Hz and our partners, including 2600Hz & Vinix Blast Partner in Moving UC Forward, 2600Hz Highlights Product Design for a Better Customer Experience, and 2600Hz Headlines Cavell’s Cloud Comms Summit Europe 2021. We published a few new blogs, 2600Hz’s 2020 Year in Review and Why We’re Running Out of Phone Numbers. Announcements were sent out about 2600Hz CEO Darren Schreiber being Appointed to the Cloud Communications Alliance Board of Directors and 2600Hz’s Sponsorship of Cavell's Cloud Comms Summit Europe. A Few Friendly Reminders Product Focus Groups — As mentioned earlier, we’ll be hosting Product Focus Groups throughout 2021. We would love for you to join us! Sign up for our Product Feedback List so you don’t miss the invite for our next focus group. We’ll also be posting about it in the Community, so you can keep your eye on that as well. Speaking of the Community... 2600Hz Community — Join in on timely discussions with your peers, get support for all things KAZOO, and find the latest 2600Hz resources. You don’t have to be a 2600Hz customer to be a member, but our customers do get access to additional resources and documentation. We’re constantly adding to the Community, and recently launched a Support page that features downloadable resources (including white label docs!) and a series of videos explaining how to get started with KAZOO. To visit the community, click here. Free UC w/ 2600Hz Podcast — We revamped our podcast in the new year and you’ll definitely want to check out our newest episodes! Find out how we’re switching things up this year by listening to this short and sweet episode, and check out our newest episodes here! Don’t forget to bookmark our podcast page since we’ll be adding to it, or better yet, subscribe to it wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts so you don’t miss an episode! If there are any specific topics you would like us to cover or guests you would like us to talk to, let us know at marketing@2600hz.com! That’s our update for now! We will have a lot more exciting news and updates for you soon, so keep an eye on your inbox and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!
  21. Hello. As inferred by @fmateo05 it seems your Zoiper config is wrong. Your log says username is john@aio.kazoo.com but this should be john@office-dev.aio.kazoo.com based on your sip config. Username: john Hostname: office-dev.aio.kazoo.com Password: 123456789 Outbound Proxy: aio.kazoo.com (or IP address equivalent)
  22. @fmateo05 Thanks for reply. I tried what you suggested and it didn’t work. I think main problem is that there is no sip device related document in the sip_auth database.
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  24. You must set-up the device configuration on zoiper like: Username: <device username> Hostname: <Realm> Password: <device password> Outbound Proxy: <server ip address>:7000
  25. Hello everyone, I have just installed the kazoo using this documentation https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/install/install_via_centos7/ My issue is, I can't register sip accounts. I tried registering accounts from the Zoiper desktop and the various android VOIP apps. BTW i have successfully created an account in the kazoo. Here are a couple of screenshots which may be useful for you to help me. I don't know it is a problem or not, but i have installed kazoo locally in a Virtual Machine running on the MAC OS. Telephone App from the Appstore Here is Kazoo's console.log file My hosts file in the Mac OS : ========================= aio.kazoo.com aio =========================
  26. Hello! I'm curious as to whether or not you worked this out? I found this thread doing a google search, because I'm looking to do the exact same thing you were. If you figured it out, please post! Thanks!! -Bob
  27. That is odd. I do not have a way to look you up via your company name or contact information via your community user name but I would be more than willing to chat with you further if you can send me a direct email. I can also check into why you did not receive a response once I receive your email and contact information. I can be reached at Erik@2600hz.com
  28. We tried to reach you guys a few times via https://www.2600hz.com/get-started, but we never heard back from you guys, so we were under the impression that you, guys are not interested.
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