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  2. Is there current ISO's available for 4.1?

    The compiled versions are. Good question what happened to the scripts which create them. @Karl Anderson any ideas?
  3. Is there current ISO's available for 4.1?

    Are the ISOs on github? Perhaps I can assign this to one of my juniors?
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  5. Open Source Dev Community Call


    Please advise the timezone. Is it 0530 PST?
  6. Thanks Darren! Appreciate the info.
  7. Is there current ISO's available for 4.1?

    To be clear the ISO was actually an auto-installer that would download the latest version from the web. That said, it was for 3.x. Hasn't been updated for 4.x. But the date is not so relevant. The configs changed from 3.x to 4.x though.
  8. Darren, You are right, it wont deliver address. It will route to correct PSAP and deliver subscriber name only. That is I guess more for mobile devices. There is another option: Those are just options and I'm thinking out loud. You could register username with room number. Arek
  9. Is there a current ISO? Found the old repo (guessing it's old due to the date) @ http://repo.2600hz.com/ISOs/ and that hasn't been updated since 2015ish. (some newer 2017 items there) I did find this https://github.com/2600hz/sysadmin/blob/master/doc/install/install_via_iso.md which has a 2016 date on it, but is pointing to the link above. I did see the under development note in the .md. esoare
  10. Some questions about Kazoo/Monster

    @Chaitanya Paga ?'s. Can you place here the Open Source Apps? Also the Closed Source Apps that require 2600hz licensing to have access? Thanks! esoare
  11. We are currently looking to add a few 2600Hz Community Forum Moderators to our Community - interested in finding out more details? Email yours truly with some information about yourself (your experience with KAZOO, Erlang, telecom...) at brooke@2600hz.com to receive more information on the benefits (perks! accolades! swag!) and responsibilities of being a Community Moderator. Cheers!
  12. ACDC Strategy options

    AFAIR there is no ring-all strategy.
  13. ACDC Strategy options

    Thanks Darren, appreciate it. Can you please send me link of the open source area? Tried posting on IRC but did not find option to register so I can post there
  14. ACDC Strategy options

    ACDC is now maintained as a community project, I'm going to move this topic to the open source area so folks can respond there.
  15. Hi All Is it possible to change ACDC stategy to ring all? Basically need to know if there's any way to ring all agents in the queue ? Or are we ONLY limited to Round Robin and Most Idle Strategies? Thanks in advance!
  16. You can test it out by setting "sip.custom_sip_headers.in.X-Geolocation" on the device doc. This will set the header on outbound calls from the device (Kazoo typically uses in[bound] to mean coming to Kazoo from the endpoint). But it doesn't address the room/floor question.
  17. Advanced e911 - granular based on room or building

    How does that accomplish telling the PSAP what room or floor the person is on?
  18. Hi, You can try with Bandwidth. They support sip header: X-Geolocation:<geo: 39.752913, -104.996080;timestamp=20161213164900> that will route call to correct PSAP based on geolocation. If kazoo supports custom headers maybe that can be added to specific device and then transmitted with 911 call. From documentation: Arek
  19. Taxes on Hosted Kazoo

    How is everyone handling taxes through the Hosted Kazoo? My plan is to use external billing and SureTax to calculate taxes. SureTax has recommended tax professionals to help file in each state of service. What is everyone else doing that is compliant? I've noticed many providers are not federal and state compliant on VoIP taxes and e911 and I'm looking for direction from those that are.
  20. Advanced e911 - granular based on room or building

    Thanks Darren, this was my thinking too, glad to see it confirmed on your end. I don't think what they want is available yet, so I'm going to pitch it as they can divide up the property as granular as they want, and pay for each e911 enabled DID, and then tie that to the location. It's nice knowing it's unlikely any other vendor will be able to deliver exactly what they want.
  21. Advanced e911 - granular based on room or building

    Also there's only like 3 actual certified VoIP PSAP interconnect companies, everyone is just reselling their stuff. I believe it's 911 Enable (now West?), Intrado (also now West?) and bandwidth.
  22. Advanced e911 - granular based on room or building

    Hi there, As far as I know, every number gets a unique address (even room number) so I am not aware of a way you can transmit the specifics of the room or location number with granularity at this time. If someone is working on that, it is news to me - right now they make money off each of those numbers so there's no motivation, to my knowledge, to fix that. We played with an idea at one point to change the APIs in realtime - person dials 911, we update the API with the latest address, pause for 2 seconds, then connect the call, but decided it was a terrible idea to have someone wait on the line, even for 2 seconds, when calling 911, so abandoned that (without the pause the databases didn't seem to update reliably enough / rapidly enough). So I am unaware of a solution to this besides paying per number.
  23. I'm answering an RFP with a request for advanced e911 location based on the port the phone is plugged into. I imagine this can be done crudely with a unique e911 number for each building, floor, room (depending on granularity) and then updating the devices using LLDP and the Kazoo API. Has anyone tackled granular e911 locations for larger buildings? I've noticed in Bandwidth newsletters that they are working on this, https://www.bandwidth.com/9-1-1/
  24. Hi Everyone, We are moving our old repo, repo.2600hz.com to new servers this Wednesday 10/4/2017, at 10 AM ET. This will not affect many of you, as you should be using packages.2600hz.com as the repo for 4.X. If you are still using 3.22, then those packages will still be available to you on repo.2600hz.com. Versions prior to 3.22 will be removed as part of this move, and will no longer be available. Please let us know if you see that anything is missing for 3.22 after Wednesday. Thank you, Derek
  25. Thanks alot, actually i am currently using old kazoo-ui(i am sorry to say this but its true), i have not moved to monster-ui yet, due to some reasons. Anyway i have done the monster ui and by checking the said feature code it did worked...Thanks alot for your time. Regards Abbasi
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