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  4. Own Hosted Install - Access Provisioner

    HI Azefiel, That's what I thought might be the case but it's not made particularly clear from the website. Thanks!
  5. Own Hosted Install - Access Provisioner

    The Provisioner and Call Center apps are both paid apps. That said, you do not inherently need to use 2600Hz's hosted platform to buy those apps; I encourage your to contact sales@2600hz.com for more information.
  6. Own Hosted Install - Access Provisioner

    Not sure, but, I believe you have to use the API’s. You can reference the following: https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/#
  7. Hi, I have kazoo up and running on our own hardware as a single server install to have play around with but it seems the open version doesn't come with the full range of Monster-UI apps. Are any of these available to own hosted instances or do you have to use 2600hz hosted to be able to access provisioner and call center apps? Thanks, Simon
  8. Business Webinar Series #1


    Thanks Bobby appreciate the question. I would need alittle more information to provide a good answer. If you want feel free to message me through the forum. Thanks Kevin Edited in Bold. Note from Moderator, please don't share phone numbers directly in posts. Please use the message function to send phone numbers and emails.
  9. Business Webinar Series #1


    No need to post this, the webinar ended abruptly and I didn't have a chance to type a question. I was actually typing the following as it ended. I was going to ask how Broadsoft handles API request to an end users specific database. What they charge for a custom API.
  10. In preparation for rolling out the billing, invoicing, and taxation services, as well as the App Exchange platform, and to meet new compliance requirements (specifically around GDPR), we’ll be making a few changes you should be aware of, specifically: Updating our terms and conditions to cover apps which are purchased from third parties, how we deal with payments, refunds, etc. In addition, due to new GDPR requirements, we’ve had to update our privacy policy as well. (Our lawyers are having an early Christmas this year, can you tell?) You’ll receive a notification when these updates go live when you login to your UI / portal, at which point you can review and accept the changes electronically. Updating our billing system starting July 1st. All billing will be done in a real-time, pre-pay format with deductions against your account for per-use and monthly services. These charges will be deducted from your account balance on the first of the month, every month. If you’re currently billed for your service plan charges mid-month, you’ll receive a pro-rated credit to your account starting 7/1/18 to cover any amounts already paid which apply past that date. This credit will show up in the new web UI for billing and transactions. Additionally, all future charges will occur via a top-up mechanism, and you’ll receive a warning 5 days before your monthly service plan hits your account if you have insufficient credit so that you can also manually top-up to ensure no disruption in service. Some of this may sound confusing – we will be holding a webinar which we strongly encourage you to attend so that you can learn about this new billing system. The webinar will be held on Tuesday, June 26th at 11:00am. This change impacts all 2600Hz clients – Hosted, Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure clients. We’ll be migrating to our new support system on June 26th, 2018. Zendesk portal access and email tickets will be discontinued – all tickets will need to be opened via our web portal (you can reply via email once a ticket is opened). You can already access the portal via https://support.2600hz.com/ while it’s in final testing. We’re working through some kinks for our Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure clients – these should be addressed before June 26th and will be reviewed on the same webinar as billing for any questions.
  11. Kazoocon 2018 was great!

    I echo Mike's kind words! Are the Hackathon Apps posted anywhere?
  12. Kazoocon 2018 was great!

    Hi Mike, Thank you for the kind words! We are happy you were able to join us. Yes, we will be putting up the presentations on the community soon, stay tuned!
  13. Business Webinar Series #1

    Episode #1 Summary: In the first episode of our new business webinar series, Kevin Bartnicki, Sales Director of 2600Hz will be going on a deep dive into why API's are at the forefront of software telephony. After years of experience in the telecom industry, including a position as Sales Director at Broadsoft, Kevin has witnessed the evolution of the communications industry. This series will be focused on thought leadership, tips for business enhancement, and touch on how 2600Hz can provide all the building blocks to simplify the ever growing cloud communications market. Please register for The Open API Difference on May 30, 2018 10:00 AM PDT at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4909753016358720771
  14. Kazoocon 2018 was great!

    Excellent job organizing and executing this event. It was worth the time to attend! We learned a lot and made some excellent contacts within the Kazoo community. Will the presentation material be made available to the attendees? There was a lot of good information presented and some of it came faster than my note taking skills could capture.
  15. Would anyone share a demo with me?

    Hi BirdmanBerry, Please feel free to reach out to me directly at Erik@2600hz.com. I can show provide you a demo of our platform and services and go over some options with you. Thanks! -Erik
  16. Would anyone share a demo with me?

    Hi @BirdmanBerry, Unfortunately we aren't quite ready to open Hosted services in the UK quite yet. When we're ready to start offering Hosted services, we can make sure sales reaches out to you. Tagging @Erik Muramoto so he's aware of your interest.
  17. Meet Ups!

    Hi everyone. I'm arriving a bit early for Kazoocon and would love to meet up with any other early arrivers on Sunday for drinks etc. Let me know if you are around. richard.carver@qunifi.com My company is a channel-only cloud PBX provider in the UK running our own Kazoo platform and would paricularly like to meet up with others in a similar position in other geographies.
  18. Meet Ups!

    Use this forum to correlate a meet up with attendees. A lot of you are coming in early, to contact other attendees that will be at the resort ahead of time, post a message here and get ahead of the networking game 👌
  19. Provisioner Updates for 4/11/18

    Was this update ever rolled out? I don't see the custom config file url under my T2x phone config in advanced provisioner? Thanks
  20. KAZOOCon '18


    WooHoo! KAZOOCon! KAZOOCon!
  21. Hey all - I have a client asking about our historical uptime of the hosted platform as a whole. Anyone have this data? thanks!
  22. Below are release notes for the next update, targeted for - Friday, April 13th after 5:00pm PDT: Fixes Fixes bigcouch issue causing missing MAC indexing doc preventing phone from provisioning Removes v81 firmware for Yealink T4xS series phones because of audio quality issues Adds missing custom config file setting for Yealink T2x phones that support v81+ firmware Fixes issue where Yealink T3x can't retrieve config files due to security update Fixes Yealink timezone name for Australia Fixes missing secondary DNS settings Replaces "current" firmware with "Use own firmware" to remove the confusion and allow users to use firmwares not listed Fixes provisioning URL in the Grandstream GXP21xx template Disables all codecs not set through the UI Fixes bug for Cisco DNS/NAPTR settings Forces Polycoms to always reboot when updating settings Fixes off by one bug with Yealink Combo Keys New Features Security Update All phones now must first be added to Provisioner before entering the provisioning URL. If a device doesn't exist in Provisioner requests it's config files, it'll be banned for an hour. 10 unique failed requests for config files from an IP address will ban the IP for an hour Yealink RPS integration All new Yealink phones added to Provisioner will automatically add a server and MAC pairing to Yealink RPS. Once the phone boots up, it'll pull the provisioning URL directly from Yealink without users having to input it manually. Polycom VVX 500/600 video codec support Adds ability to set the number of line keys per line for Polycoms New Models Yealink - CP920 - CP960 - W60B VTech VCS752 We're continually working to enhance and improve overall functionally of supported devices. If you don't see your specific feature request addressed in this update, don't worry, even more are coming soon!
  23. Would anyone share a demo with me?

    Call sales if you haven't already, i believe rhis has changed.
  24. Kazoo in IMS

    Kazoo is API driven so I suppose if the IMS environment has a way to write adapters to talk to Kazoo it should be possible. Do you have a system in mind?
  25. Open Source Dev Community Call


    Every two weeks is correct.
  26. Open Source Dev Community Call


    Thanks. Also note that the forum calendar says every two weeks, but I think it is every week right?
  27. Open Source Dev Community Call


    @Te Matau 9:30 Pacific, so yeah, 16:30-17:00 now with the time change. One day the forum will have proper timezone support!
  28. Open Source Dev Community Call


    Can you please confirm when the next community call is: 27 March 2018 17:30-18:00 UTC? 27 March 2018 9:30-10:00 PDT or PST? Thanks
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