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  3. I want to try, but i cant think of a way to implement the above, let me clarify in case we did not describe correctly the situation. So, Case1: Person A calls Person B, (Person B is free to talk) so Person B gets normally ringed and person A hears normal ringback tone. Case2: Person A calls Person B, (Person B is busy talking) so Person B now only sees in screen that he has a second call on the back(and maybe hears a tone, device settings) and PERSON A still gets the same ringback tone as Case1. In my Country when you call someone and he is "busy" BUT HAS enabled call waiting , you get a little tone every other second, or you get a voiceback saying the user you are calling right now is busy, please wait until he picks up. So how would i differentiate the callflow of Case1 with Case2. Thank you, i hope i explained it better now.
  4. Each callflow can take a ringback param: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/crossbar/doc/callflows/ I suspect ringback.transfer might be used? Test and let us know
  5. Dear Kazoo devs/coms, Is there any update on this? is it implemented allready somehow?
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  7. @Christian King In general, when compiling from source, most people use PostgreSQL for the Kamailio DB instead of KazooDB. The Kamailio DB (regardless of backend type) is used by Kamailio for things internal to it, like keeping track of the Kamailio server's dispatcher list of Freeswitch servers, presence subscriptions, etc. As mc_ noted, there is no connection or relationship between that DB and CouchDB. In the past (around 10 years ago I think?), the 2600Hz KazooDB module actually used AMQP to request data for Kamailio's "database" (i.e. to do a lookup of a presence subscription it would send an AMQP message and some app or module of Kazoo would respond with the data. Kamailio internally saw this communication as just a standard DB lookup like using a local DB.) But for whatever reason they moved away from that system and KazooDB basically became a SQLite wrapper for all practical purposes. (Not sure what else is in the module, as it isn't open source, but I don't think it does much other than use the SQLite DB file nowdays with Kazoo v4 and above.)
  8. Thanks for the reply. I resolved modifying ecallmgr source code in order to force ring_ready to FS. Usually it's called when an user has multiple devices - I noticed that in that case, 180 is triggered, so I forced that code to be always executed.
  9. I did some research on this a while back and it seems like there is some FreeSwitch config that needs to be added or changed but I ran out of time and haven't gone back to this yet.
  10. I did ctrl+f to find "mos" and it didn't find it. But if you find this area and expand "inbound" and or "outbound" it will have MOS score in there.
  11. If a user has several devices assigned to it, for example a hotel, a room can have more than one device all associated with the same user who has an extension assigned to them, which is what they call. Each device is registered with a username and a password and as a The guest calls internationally and is billed later. But for example, now with a sophone on my cell phone and a hotel Wi-Fi, I know the credentials of that device, I can register and make a call. What I want to avoid is that for security there is only one device registered and if it can be limited by IP or by Mac, much better. In the part of the callflow where it says device there is the mac option and in the SIP part authentication by IP but it doesn't work for me
  12. depends on your use case I guess, clients can have mobile devices with SIP clients on them, or softphones on their laptops as they travel.
  13. Yes, check that but there is no way that if you are already registered and someone else tries to register you will get an error or limit the registration to an IP or Mac of the device. I am asking to avoid identity theft because if you know the username and password you can register and use the permissions it has to call
  14. KAZOO only tracks the latest registration for a given credential, so the most recent one will be used for call routing.
  15. How to limit multiple device registration in kazoo with the same device or limit device registration by IP or by Mac
  16. Good afternoon, I am trying to limit the amount of registration to a device to avoid fraud in kamailio, enable these ACL-ROLE roles RATE_LIMITER-ROLE When I try to register a device I get this logs in kamailio REGISTER:sec:2024/04/09_07_59_01 rate limits: 1 > -1)
  17. Welcome, @Irshad! Excited to have you in our Kazoo community.
  18. I am Irshad Rangari, working as a IVR developer in ALOHA Technology. New in Kazoo environment. Looking forward to dive deep into kazoo
  19. until
    This is the conference to join if you are a developer looking into or working with an open source VoIP solution. Topics in the past have covered projects including FreeSWITCH, Kamaillo, Asterisk, OpenSIPS and others. This conference is a geek fest for developers, by developers. Go here for more information
  20. Hiya! Happy to see you here!
  21. Hi, I'm a Software Developer at ServiceTitan. I've been a full stack developer for 10+ years and enjoy building end to end solutions with 3rd party providers. I'm excited to see what Kazoo has to offer for real time communication.
  22. Hello, This is Shane from ITVantix. We are new to the 2600Hrz community. We look forward to working with you guys.
  23. Welcome @Brisco Chris Excited to see your interest in our open-source evolution as well as paid support and for inquiries about paid options, please feel free to reach out to 2600Hz Sales at sales@2600Hz.com with any questions.
  24. I am here to see if the open source version continues to evolve as we would be interested in that with a paid support option for some of our clients.
  25. The situation was that marketing was done with Kazoocon and we didn't have official word that there'd be a 2024 Kazoocon, so they decommissioned the site. Word is, there will be a 2024 Kazoocon, so the site should be re-instated in the next day or two (whenever our ops team can turn it back up).
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