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  1. Ok but how to configure it?

    Does my ID have to be different for all manual presence?

    In my yealink, or do I use the ID in question?

    Here is my Yealink: 


    And my ID: 



    Do I need to have a number with a star in my call flow that contains the menu?
    Currently my callflow with the menu is 899, should I add a star *899 or add a second number with the star 899 + *850 for example?

  2. Thank you for the answer, 
    I have read the articles and I have been able to create my Call Flows to activate or deactivate TODs.

    Now, how can I program my BLF buttons on my Yealink station to have a Red LED when a close option has been activated or GREEN when either the TOD has been reset?

    Here my Callflow: 

    Menu buttons: 
    1 = Reset ALL TODs of CF TEST 071
    2 = Disable TOD 24x7 AND congé and enable only Weekend
    3 = Disable TOD 24x7 AND Weekend and enable only congé
    4 = Disable TOD congé and Weekend and enable only 24x7





    Thanks to you, and therefore this menu, I can now divert calls to a separate message depending on the situation but still send the calls to the same voice mailbox.

    I just need to find a way to get the LED on the Yealink T53 phone. Ideally, when option 2 or 3 are activated, the LED will be RED and if not it should be green

  3. Hello to all, 

    For one of our customers,  we would like to configure the following: 

    3 buttons on the phone to close the office and forward the  calls to a single voicemail at the reception deskphone but with different media.

    Button 1 = Shutdown during the week (Lunch time) ==> calls should then go through one media and should arrive in the voicemail of the reception

    Button 2 = Weekend closure ==> calls should then go through a DIFFERENT media and should arrive in the SAME mailbox of the reception

    Button 3 = Exceptional closure (holidays) ==> calls should then go through a DIFFERENT media and should arrive in the SAME mailbox of the reception.

    I don't see how I can configure this on Kazoo, I have already programmed this on other platforms with GET PRESENCE but here I can't understand the logic.

    Ideally, depending on the button that would have been activated, the LED should light up red or green. 

    This customer actually wants to be able to open and close the telephony without having a set time via a Time Of Day

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