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  1. Greg, thank you for your answer!

    In that case also an upcoming question - can we specify the order in which Kazoo will iterate callflow temporal rules? Or the order is just being kept as in json create/update request model?


    Also have a question regarding temporal rule with date cycle. 

    start_date The date that any recurrence should be calculated as starting on

    When cycle is date, the rule only considers start_date and matches it against the current day.


    As I understood we need to pass Gregorian timestamp of the required date in 'start_date' property.

    1. Will the properties time_window_start and time_window_stop be applied to temporal rule with date cycle?

    2. How to specify the end date? Or we need to create temporal rule for each date required?

  2. Hi all!

    The question is regarding temporal rules priority for different cycle types.

    For example we have configured 2 temporal rules for account  with weekly and yearly cycle types. Which rule will be taken as a priority in case of time intersection?

    As far as I tested yearly rule takes a priority, but I didn't find any confirmation in documentation so I don't want to make decisions yet🙂. Also it will be good to hear about priority between other cycle types

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