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Mighty Move Command


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If you are using our KAZOO environment … ever want to secretly change the device you’re using during a call?

For example,

  • You are driving and started a call on your cell phone and now. you’re back at your desk you want to move the call to a different phone. OR
  • Your call is running overtime and you need to head out to pick up your kids but don’t want to miss out on the rest of the conversation OR
  • You need to answer the door down three flights of stairs and sign for a package and your call is on a softphone on your desktop, so you want to move it to a mobile device.

Follow these steps:

From the device you want to move TO [device B]:

Dial the feature code listed in SmartPBX under Feature Codes // Miscellaneous // Move.
We use the code 6683. (M-O-V-E)

The call will terminate on the device you were on [device A], and continue on [device B]


  • Both devices must be assigned to the same user.
  • The devices must be in the same account.
  • Unlike most feature codes, this does NOT accept a * in front of it.
MOVE Feature Code.png
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