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  1. Trying to process a call from an extension and do some stuff in our API via REST post using Pivot in a call flow. I am returning proper TwiML from our API, and <Say> command works, but <Dial> does not. I would like to use the <Dial> command, based on the result of our REST API processing... May be it's unsupported? If so - is there a resource to lookup all available TwiML commands that are supported? Here is the "Response" that is successfully interpreted by the Pivot: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>   <Response>     <Say voice="woman" language="en-gb">Thank you, you may hang up now!</Say>     <Hangup/>   </Response> And this one reads the <Say> portion but does not dial 0 :( <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>   <Response>     <Say voice="man" language="en-gb">Terribly sorry, but something went wrong. Please stay on the line, connecting to front desk.</Say>     <Dial>0</Dial>     </Hangup>   </Response>
  2. It would be used for a group voicemail distribution. My original thought was to create a few extensions that would represent different distribution lists, and attach call flows with pivots, which would be hitting my app. When the extension number dialed, and voicemail saved into a dedicated mailbox, I would get a pivot post with the extension dialed and then match it to a distribution list and then re-upload the original audio attachment into the mailboxes on the list. I am able to do everything up to the point of loading audio file into a vm mailbox. IS there an API call to make it happen?
  3. @JR^ - my filtering question is under Problems, called "API - Find a device by In-House Caller ID number". Just in case you wanted to know what I am experiencing. Thanks, as usual.
  4. Thank you @lazedo and and @JR^! I will try PATCH. @JR^ - I had a question about filtering - posted a question in a separate thread (can't access third-level sub-objects).
  5. I have a device with username = Alex and internal caller id number set to 2501... I get an empty data[] element when filtering by caller_id.internal.number (matching the data returned from the API on a GET by username). Am I doing something wrong by submitting this GET request: /v1/accounts/{account_id}/devices?filter_caller_id.internal.number=2501while this works fine: /v1/accounts/{account_id}/devices?filter_sip.username=Alex
  6. Is this a requirement to retrieve and re-send the entire device object with all attributes and sub-objects, changing the call_restrictions to change one of the values? If, possible, I would love to not have to do another entire round trip. I tried just the call_restriction and it wiped out all other settings
  7. Trying to figure out how can these (http://screencast.com/t/sduSC2Lqbg) settings be set via REST API. I tried the API docs, but could not find.
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