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  1. Thank you Isaac. I agree that we would have an SLA with our customer - I was wondering if 2600hz has an SLA for us as their customers. Since we are reselling 2600hz service, I just wouldn't want to misrepresent ourselves as having a certain level of uptime if there was something else published by 2600hz with conflicting information.
  2. Agreed! I just wasn't sure if there was an official document stating this...
  3. We have a customer requesting a copy of our SLA, so I wasn't sure if this would be something we would create or something 2600hz would provide. Your thoughts?
  4. Same with us, but there are some customers that actually want to be more self-sufficient :)
  5. Have you come up with anything for this yet? I have been trying to get my team to create something like this as well. I love documentation - you can never have too much of it!
  6. Thank you Darren. And I understand what you've stated. We will be cautious with the opportunities we pursue to make sure they are not as you described (calling to high-rate areas, etc.).
  7. We have an agent with several call center customers (no dialer traffic) that need 4M+ minutes per month and they are looking for a lower rate than we currently offer. Are there options available?
  8. Does anyone have information about selling international SIP Trunking -- I have a customer with offices in the U.S. and the U.K. and would like SIP Trunks in each location.
  9. Thank you for your input, Robert. Please share your experience with these companies once you get started!
  10. Just looking to see what others are doing in regards to telecom taxation and compliance with your usage powered by 2600hz... Any recommended software, resources, etc.?
  11. What is available to provide to a customer that wishes to port their numbers AWAY from and account with us as a white label partner with 2600hz? Our customer's new provider is requesting a "phone phone bill/statement/screen shot(s) from the current provider displaying your name, address, account number and the number you would like to port". Is the current provider our company name or 2600hz? What would the account number be -- the requested phone number to port out?
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