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  1. You mean, open source are not permitted to have them, I knew about the provisionner, but the new call center is not available even if we want to pay for the module ?
  2. Hi guys, we have been using Kazoo UI for 4 years now and are finally slapping on monster. I dont see the call center and provissioner in the apps. Is this normal ? How do I add these, I cant seem to find it. Thanks
  3. So If I cluster Rabbitmq I am limited to 2 correct ?
  4. Hi guys, quick question. Within the same zone we currently have 2 machines working in sync fro redundancy. So 2 rabbits, 2 ecallmgr, 2 freeswitches, 2 of everything etc. My question is, within that same zone can I scall up and add 1 or more of everything or is the Kazoo logic for only having 1 zone is limited to have a maximum of 2 (especially rabbitmq and ecallmgr, im pretty sure the rest we could ? ) I know that on 3.22 we could not have 2 Rabbitmqs work at the same time, we had to switch one off but now the 4.2 both can work at the same time. Ive tried to find the information in your docs but expanding in only 1 zone does not seem to have any information. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Ok I found some 3CX templates on there site, Ill let you know, when I pass them on to my team
  6. Ohhh ya lol did not know that. And we just need to load it in kazoo all ready to go ?
  7. Hey guys, we are looking for templates for grandstream devices all the GXP and DP models, does anyone have this by any chance ? Trade or buy ? Is 2600hz releasing their provisioner for sale ?
  8. we use port 7000, but you can put 5060 if your system isnt configure as such
  9. Hi Travis, yes we use grandstream ATSs, go to our webset www.voipsonic.ca, our site is mainly french but here is a link for our grandstream. PS the site sould be fully english in the next coming weeks, as we are a SIP wholesale provider in canada. http://www.voipsonic.ca/documentation-grandstream
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