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  1. Can you send me an email with quotes of the Hosted Cloud, Private Cloud, Global Infrastructure and app licensing for the opensource version? I don't think the first two solutions are viable for us since we aren't US based. Also, I sent an short email to the sales dept a couple of days ago but got no answer. Also that's a bit of a technical question but how Kazoo does call routing then?
  2. Hi, we're a small startup hosting PBX for our clients and we are looking into Kazoo for our VOIP needs. So, what we need to know is: 1- Will a self hosted Kazoo install have the same benefits of your SaaS? 2- Does Kazoo do LCR, Rating, Billing, Accounting in one or more of it's apps? If not, how hard could it be to implement these functions on Monster UI or externally? 3- Is it possible to acquire the closed/non-public apps on our self hosted installation? 4- What is needed to localize Monster UI and the dial prompts to our language? In any case, we could PR back our changes to 2600hz. Thanks.
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