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  1. If your issue is pointing outbound call to your carrierrs. Here's my suggestion. Instead of using API or DB directly, ill recommend you to using monster-ui. There a opensource version from commnity contribution to manage resources/carrier here https://github.com/baloeng/monster-ui-resources From those app you can add global carrier or resource account level to your provider. Once your create global carrier, offnet callflow with "no_match " numbers will be here. If dont, create manually for outbound like below.
  2. Hi, it is possible to purchase paid version monster app and installed on own cluster?
  3. Hai, it is possible to purchase only paid monster-app such as Conference Manager, Call Center Basic, and Google Drive Connector then installed on my own cluster?
  4. Hai Still gettin confused with "common" Apps on monster apps directory. Have seen lot of submodules but what is used for? Thanks in advance
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