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  1. Avneet Singh

    Kazoo Billing

    Hello everyone, I have kazoo version 4.3-12 and the calls are not being correctly billed. have created ratedeck { "_id": "IN-918708", "prefix": "918708", "weight": 50, "description": "INDIA STATES AND POI-REG", "direction": "outbound", "rate_name": "IN-91870", "iso_country_code": "IN", "pvt_rate_cost": 0.90001, "pvt_carrier": "default", "pvt_type": "rate", "rate_increment": 60, "rate_minimum": 60, "rate_cost": 0.90219, "routes": [ "^\\+91870(\\d*)$" ], "OPTIONS": [ ], "pvt_vsn": "1", "pvt_account_db": "ratedeck" } and running sup command sup hotornot_maintenance rates_for_did 918708 Candidates: RATE NAME | COST | INCREMENT | MINIMUM | SURCHARGE | WEIGHT | PREFIX | RATEDECK NAME | VERSION | IN-91870 | 0.9021 | 60 | 60 | 0.0 | 50 | 918708 | ratedeck | | no rates matched ok hotornot app is running but no per-minute rates logs in tail -f /var/log/kazoo/kazoo.log and also per-minute rates in cdrs https://pastebin.com/Yz0qKFPp. Is am missing something?
  2. Avneet Singh

    Credit api

    Hello everyone, I have installed kazoo 4.3-12 version. The credit/debit api is not working also sup commands not working sup kazoo_services_maintenance credit {ACCOUNT_ID} 5.0 sup kazoo_services_maintenance debit {ACCOUNT_ID} 5.0 Is there change in api and sup command in new version
  3. Avneet Singh

    Media file

    Hi @mc_ I am trying to upload audio file using postman through node js as middleware server "" is node server address and in response I am receiving data like this - { dataString: { name: '1kHz.mp3', data: <Buffer ff fa 93 cc 26 8b 00 00 12 54 ef 33 35 97 80 02 33 1a ea 37 3b 10 02 64 45 56 6a aa 8b c0 ae 23 2b 0e d7 e8 e5 0f 89 8a 69 c4 f0 09 46 ba 05 0c 1c 1b ... >, encoding: '7bit', truncated: false, mimetype: 'audio/mpeg', md5: [Function: md5], mv: [Function: mv] } } I have to convert the data into encoded form and node supports - ascii base64 binary hex ucs2/ucs-2/utf16le/utf-16le utf8/utf-8 which I have tried . I am trying to get media file from kazoo which I have directly uploaded from monster-ui using request and in response I get https://pastebin.com/dzchSF7u . I want to know which file format is this which I have uploaded in pastebin.
  4. Avneet Singh

    Media file

    Hi @mc_ In which file format audio is saved , is it base64 and path of database in which file is stored
  5. Avneet Singh

    Media file

    Hello everyone, I want to ask Where play media upload files are stored in database and it's stored in which file format. I am trying to send base64 data using POST api - http://{SERVER}:8000/v2/accounts/{ACCOUNT_ID}/media/{MEDIA_ID}/raw but it is not the right format as in kazoo .
  6. Avneet Singh

    phone number

    I havn't assigned phone number to callflow but still it reamains "in_service" and filter_state=avaialble not responds any data
  7. Avneet Singh

    phone number

    what here states "aging", "available", "in_service", "port_in", "reserved" means in the document https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/applications/crossbar/doc/phone_numbers/ Can we differentiate "spare numbers" and "numbers in use" using this filter_state.
  8. Avneet Singh

    phone number

    Hello All, Is there any phone number's api to differentiate "spare numbers" and "number in use" . Also is there any api to describe that phone number is assigned to which user . Thanks
  9. Avneet Singh


    not working in my case , In Ui adding credentials like this Realm - sip.user.com Authentication Method - Ip IP Address - Invite Format - E. 164
  10. Avneet Singh


    which config file to be changed ,and what changes are to be made in the file please explain
  11. Avneet Singh


    what credentials to pass,I am using cisco SPA504G Ip phone
  12. Avneet Singh


    Hello everyone, How to register ip phones from only specific ip or register device using mac address Thanks