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  1. Thanks Darren I will check out the API info. The CSV Jobs app? have not seen that? can you point me in the right direction I have emailed sales@2600hz.com in the meantime
  2. OK great I will check through the documents to see where I can set the currency indicator. No, I don't think so? What I mean is a simple sip account, i.e. a telephone number user/pass with a credit limit. so that an end user i.e. Joe Homeuser can purchase a phone and a $10 monthly service, but has no PBX attached from his perspective. So are any of the apps available for purchase as a part of the open source install? I will probably con.tact sales as I would like to find out more about the Global Infrastructure option and if if fits into our budget Sorry, what I meant as number block, wasn't to block / deny numbers or number ranges, but rather a way to import say 1000 numbers that have been allocated to us so that i can assign to a client. currently there is an option to buy or port numbers, not to add or import numbers. Also I have seen references to super-duper admin, but cant see how to add / create this user or if its even still a part of the newer release. or what that even does I will check out the futondb. I may be able to assist with some of the documentation once I am more familiar with the system. Thanks for the info so far
  3. Hi All let me jump right in, I have installed a test box using the open source version from 2600hz.org Before I get though documentation for hours, some of which seems to be sparse, i would like to get clarification on a few questions. 1. Is there a way I can change the currency and tax, i.e we use VAT here at 14% not GST and ZAR or Rand (R) not USD 2. is there a simplified interface for a single user, i.e. single sip account for a home user for instance. 3. Monster Apps, are there only 8 apps available on the version I have installed or is there a way to install / purchase other apps? like the provisioning app, carried manager, dialplan etc. 4. is there a way to import a number block into the system? I really like the hosted PBX options, the interface is slick. I think if we can get Kazoo to do what we want in our environment we can go a long long way with Kazoo. On a side note, when I installed the db it doesn't look like it created correctly, so i searched and found that the user_auth was missing and that the db could be refreshed. this I have done, but is there a way of deleting the half created accounts? i.e. [root@kazootest01 ~]# sup crossbar_maintenance create_account kazadmin testdom.co.za administrator password1 failed to validate account: 400 invalid_request failed to create 'kazadmin': {"realm":{"unique":{"message":"Account realm already in use","cause":"testdom.co.za"}},"name":{"unique":{"message":"Account name already in use","cause":"kazadmin"}}} failed I am sure I will have many other questions Thank you in advance
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