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  1. Thanks for the input I know it is a loaded and challenging question. We haven't been using ping plotter so will start using this now.
  2. Hi! We are getting started with setting up SMB type customers on the private cloud. The typical customer has between 8-20 phones and is not tech savvy. Some have an IT person they can consult and many do not. And from experience, it seems that 80% of the installations (which we do remotely) go well simpy with "plug and play" while 20% can surprises that can end up become quite frustrating. Our guess is that poor network setups or hardware is the culprit. I am sure this is not a new problem, and so I am curious from veterans of this type of market and remote installations, how have you overcome this challenge as a cloud voip provider doing remote installs? One the one hand a full network map would of course make sense, yet is simply isn't practical due to the customers lack of knowledge. Any insights would be greatly appreciated! P.S. For example, is there any "magic bullet" router or setup that if included would solve the majority of these expected problems?
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