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  1. Hello Roger, could you please create a support ticket listing the MAC addresses you are trying to add? that way we can verify them internally and unlock them so they are able to provisioned again from a new account ID. Thank you
  2. Hi Jason, we are continuously adding new phones to our list of supported devices, we are currently working on adding new ones and certainly we have a request to add support for more Cisco devices, including Cisco 8945 I don't have an ETA for now for this particular device but stay tuned to the Provisioner updates!
  3. @Karl Stallknecht when using this feature all the Poly phones in the account will be have their custom_contacts_dir_url automatically set to an auto generated XML file, that would be the intention of the Contact List tab. @sporkman that's interesting! we tested with VVX400 series and a reboot was enough to apply the new contact list, we will keep an eye on the usability.
  4. Hi @sporkman, we are using the custom_contacts_dir_url setting for this.
  5. Hi Everyone, thank you for your interest in this new feature! we are still fine-tuning it and preparing the documentation before making it available with the next Provisioner release. Sneak peek: this feature will allow you to have an account-wide contact list in your devices, the support will initially be for Poly devices but more to come in the future. I'll be updating you as soon as this is released
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