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  1. Spot on @godril . It's sunday here but I could not resist to look at the trunkstore code and it does exactly this. Thank you!
  2. The token restrictions for an account could be a checkbox in the accounts app when creating a subaccount (I.e. a reseller account could be able to just forbid new device creation, or even device updates). Regarding CLID control, In my current home-made module for asterisk, I do this during the call authorization phase. My module will query all available DID for an account. If the CLID presented by the device is not within them, I override the CLID with the first available DID and place and upstream the call. This allows the call to progress and the customer will probably understand.
  3. Hello, I have the need to limit the number of devices created by an account in their call flow app or their smartpbx. I understand I can bill them "by device", but I would like that only resellers be able to add devices, while end users shall only "use" them. I would also need to control the CLID that is placed in the device parameters. Ideally only CLID that are "mapped" as DID for an account shall be accepted. I think this is a common compliance requirement, to avoid one device impersonating an arbitrary number. Alternatively, when a device uses a CLID that is not "owned" by t
  4. Thank you. It's good to know jonny5 can terminate calls in progress rather than wait for them to finish. The balance check seems to be "by request". Jonny5 has a responder to "j5_balance_check_req". It answers to some request on a higher api for "balance_check_req". This request seems to come from worker in ecallmgr (ecallmgr_balance_crawler_worker) that issues the balance_check_req via an internal "send_req" function. There's a disconnect_accounts function called in case of a need to disconnect. Here's an extract from the worker. -define(INTERACCOUNT_DELAY_MS, kapps
  5. It's been 18 months but I haven't dropped my hopes for putting kazoo in production ;) Hopefully I can understand erlang a little better this time and ask not so simple questions. I'm based in Europe in a non English speaking country with a different currency than the dollar and different market expectations, so I'm facing somewhat of a steep ride. My major concern is fraud prevention and spending control for all accounts. TL;DR: I'd like to understand if it's possible to terminate all calls for an account when some condition occurs (tipically low-credit event), in the middle of a cal
  6. Thanks jes_tovar and mc_. I'm getting my feet wet in the whole kazoo thing. It's been a quite a bite for the last few days: erlang, couchdb but mostly I'm struggling with the docs and getting to know what is what and how things fit together, like why johnny5 is called so, and what does it do ? Hot-or-not: hilarious. I'm trying to see if I'm able to configure kazoo more into a europe-based way of doing things (numbering, translations, taxes) and it does not seem to be achievable without learning a little (most, who am I kidding?) of how it works internally. I'll probably have to ask more t
  7. Hello, I'm evaluating Kazoo for replacing my current kamailio+asterisk+custom routing supporting about a thousand end points. The billing/fraud prevention seems to raise some questions in my mind. Is there a way in kazoo to support prepaid and postpaid customers ? Can calls be interrupted at specified max duration, credit exhaustion, daily/weekly/monthly spending limits ? Also, can duration for the calls be determined in real-time by the dialed destination number ? And last but not least, what is the best place for documentation and getting some paid support from the develo
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