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  1. Wondering if anyone else has got this working as well ?
  2. Hi Roger, Sorry didn't see your response. Matches occur in my understanding in the order in which they are in the JSON for the call flow. If using Monster UI then from left to right as you add them. 1. I am not sure I understand your question, here? 2. You should create one for each date, for instance each Holiday, then create Temporal Rule Sets (https://docs.2600hz.com/supported/applications/crossbar/doc/temporal_rules_sets/) to group them together as one object. This allows you to have a Holiday List you can add to. To possibly answer question 1 here are a couple examples that might help. Christmas Day { "data": { "time_window_start": 0, "time_window_stop": 86400, "days": [ 25 ], "name": "Christmas", "cycle": "yearly", "month": 12, "ordinal": "every", "interval": 1, "start_date": 62586115200, "id": "1e7ced7206b94b575a267db4138ace7a" } } Thanksgiving { "data": { "time_window_start": 0, "time_window_stop": 86400, "wdays": [ "thursday" ], "name": "Thanksgiving", "cycle": "yearly", "month": 11, "ordinal": "fourth", "interval": 1, "start_date": 62586115200, "id": "e1037a00738d9ebe6422c761456991e9" } }
  3. Hi Roger, This really is how you design the call flow that will consume the temporal rule.. The first match that is found is used and the call flow follows down that tree.
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