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  1. simonp22's post in Rules: Stripping + symbol was marked as the answer   
    Hi Sparky Tony, 
    I managed to do this using the resources document at /v2/resources when you add a carrier. You use the rules property to capture the correct part of the CLI and then use the prefix property in the gateway to specify no prefix. E.g.
    { "data": { "enabled": true, "emergency": false, "gateways": [ { "caller_id_type": "external", "channel_selection": "ascending", "codecs": [ "PCMU", "PCMA", "OPUS" ], "enabled": true, "endpoint_type": "sip", "force_port": false, "invite_format": "route", "password": "carrier_password", "port": 5060, "prefix": "", "server": "carrier_host", "suffix": "", "username": "carrier_username" } ], "name": "Carrier", "rules": [ "^\\+?(\\d{8,})$" ] }  
  2. simonp22's post in S3 Storage for Call Recordings was marked as the answer   
    Dug further into the logs and found an error being returned from AWS. 
    HTTP 403 "The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records." However I knew that it did exist.
    I created the user and S3 bucket in eu-west-2 so I figured that the user and bucket hadn't propagated yet to whatever AWS region Kazoo was querying.
    In my PUT storage request I have now added the host field in to the attachment settings and set it to "s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com".
    The request now works.
  3. simonp22's post in Hangup an in-progress call was marked as the answer   
    Turned out we hadn't got konami installed. 
    After that was installed and enabled. The request that worked for us was
    POST /accounts/{ACCID}/channels/{UUID} { "data": { "action": "hangup" } } However this was only after adding this to the Kazoo account document
    POST /accounts/{ACCID}/metaflows {"data": { "module":"hangup"}}  
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