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Hangup an in-progress call


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We have tried POSTing to the channel endpoint, but the call does not hangup.

I notice the docs say


!!! note This API requires Konami Pro to be running and metaflows to be enabled on the call

How do we do this, and is there no open source way to get the same functionality?

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Turned out we hadn't got konami installed. 

After that was installed and enabled. The request that worked for us was

POST /accounts/{ACCID}/channels/{UUID}

{ "data": { "action": "hangup" } }

However this was only after adding this to the Kazoo account document

POST /accounts/{ACCID}/metaflows

{"data": { "module":"hangup"}}


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Check the logs for call Id on which konami_event_listener is binding

When posting the hangup on channels should also be posted on the same call Id to hangup.

Check for the below in your logs and pass the same after metaflow.action.

Dec 10 07:00:57 sandbox 2600hz[5046]: |konami_event_listener|kz_amqp_channel:430(<0.4979.0>) bound kazoo_apps@sandbox.test.com-konami_event_listener-<0.4979.0>-41749ddf to metaflow exchange (routing key metaflow.action.5065-0-221438582%40172%2E31%2E1%2E138.*) via channel <0.4677.0>




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