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  1. Hi there, I have a SIP trunk (offnet) configured for outbound calls. I want to configure it in a way, when I have local outbound calls (Belgium) to send local DID (0123456789) and when the call is an international one, I want it to send e.164 format +32123456789 For information, Belgian DID are: 9 digits for Fixed DID (including zero) 10 digits for Mobile DID (including zero) I configured the offnet as following: "formatters": { "request": [ { "regex": "^(\\d{9,10})$", "prefix": "" }
  2. Hello to the great community, Hope doing well. Now that I have a working Kazoo and outgoing calls based on destination. I would like to apply a rule to route some calls through specific SIP trunk (offnet/ressources) Below the need:I would like to apply a rule that will check the Called ID, if it's fixed number or mobile number and based on that, the call will be routed to Trunk A or B. The scenario is for Belgium. Please note: 1. Most of the callers will NOT dial the prefix +32 (they will dial 0x xxx xx xx) 2. For Belgium, the (Landlines in Liège have numbers starting wi
  3. Hi all, Just to let you know that after checking and monitoring the calls with diversion header enabled, I can find who is calling (Caller Originator) even the caller ID is what I set on Custom SIP header. To resume, here what I set on my Kazzo/BigCouch: - Adding "custom_sip_headers" settings to the resources doc (as per @tomas_ recommendation) - Setting "should_add_diversion_header": "true" to system_config -> Kazoo_endpoint (as per @mc_ recommendation) - On monster-ui, I enabled "Call Forwarding" and set "Keep Original Caller-ID" checked on all concerned users This wa
  4. Hello all, @tomas_, Thanks for your reply. I tried it and the carrier accepted the call, but since I specified a number (+33123456789) on the diversion, all outgoing calls are under that number "+33123456789" "custom_sip_headers": { "Diversion": "<sip:+33123456789@sip.provider.com>;reason=unconditional" }, But in my case, I have several users where everyone has his own number (for example: +33111111111, +33122222222, +33133333333) and each forward the calls to another number Example: UserA: +33111111111 --> Forward to --> +33 6
  5. Hi @mc_ , Thank you for the support. Unfortunately I still can't apply the diversion header I applied on kazoo_endpoints (cf. below): { "_id": "kazoo_endpoint", "_rev": "17-85c7845s62ca8b0dec9fed889ef5c6661", "default": { "should_add_diversion_header": "true", "default_ignore_completed_elsewhere": true, "restrict_to_known_types": false } } +++++++++ Below information of the resources: { "_id": "ad9850e6484b13b3e54781a210dffbb2", "_rev": "71-72b87146c01e1dd9547bf7f2b47e94133", "pvt_type": "r
  6. Hi all, Thank you for your help. Indeed the "rules" regular expressions helped to set the routes conditions. I was able to route a call based on destination I will test also callflow to route based the Caller ID. Thank you all, I couldn't find it without your help :-) I take this opportunity also to ask another question regarding Call Diversion. I read on some forum that Call Diversion headers are used to support call forwarding and deflection, and also enable outbound calls from phone numbers that aren't assigned by the carrier The question is how to set the call
  7. Hello there, Happy to be among you. I'm testing Kazoo on premise and checked several documentation, unfortunately (for sure I'm missing something) I couldn't find how to route OUTGOING calls based on : 1. Destination 2. Caller ID Considering I have 3 SIP Trunks: a) Trunk A (Preferred for France outgoing Calls) b) Trunk B (Preferred for China outgoing Calls) c) Trunk C (Preferred for the rest of the world outgoing Calls) Below some scenarios: Scenario 1 "Destination based routing": I would like to apply a rule that will check Called ID (ie. destination) and ba
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