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  1. Welcome, @Irshad! Excited to have you in our Kazoo community.
  2. Welcome @Brisco Chris Excited to see your interest in our open-source evolution as well as paid support and for inquiries about paid options, please feel free to reach out to 2600Hz Sales at sales@2600Hz.com with any questions.
  3. Welcome to the community @Alexis_Hover and we're thrilled to have you explore KAZOO as a potential second switch option.
  4. Welcome to the community, @Paul M.! Your long experience with VoIP technologies will be a great asset as you navigate/explore to the world of Kazoo and for system administration, you can find a wealth of information over at 2600Hz documentation https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/
  5. You're welcome! I'm glad I could assist you.
  6. Hey @airsay just got information back from the Support Manager and, sorry to say, the Kazoo Technical Support role is only open to U.S. full-time employees at the moment.
  7. @airsay I'm not certain about the specifics for the Kazoo Technical Support role, especially regarding its status as a 1099 Independent Contractor position. Let me reach out to the Support Manager for more details/information.
  8. Hi Test @Gabriela 😅 welcome to the forums and community.
  9. Welcome aboard @marginallysound! You're going to love experimenting with Kazoo – it's a fantastic platform with lots to offer.
  10. Welcome @shonlo It's fantastic to have you and your expertise in cloud computing and Kazoo systems in the community.
  11. @Rabs did you update the entire application or just specific files? Could you specify what you observe in the CallLogs submodule after the modification? Also, I apologize for the delayed response; I inadvertently overlooked your last message 😓
  12. @Zain I tested and it's working as expected for me and I'm in Canada/Nova Scotia
  13. No worries and always here to help @Rabs though please let me know if you get that done/fixed on 4.3 (so that I can sleep better at night 😅)
  14. @Rabs utilizing the master branch instead of simply updating the library and callLogs would have been a viable alternative. Nonetheless, I would personally refrain from doing so due to the substantial differences between the 4.3.x and master/5.3.x versions. There is a possibility that certain functionalities may have been altered; for example there is new Call Forwarding update coming and when merged new build from master will defiantly break Call Forwarding on 4.3 in voip/SmartPBX
  15. Interesting. I just tested with https://github.com/2600hz/monster-ui/tree/4.3 on my local install and it seems to be working, could you please check which Monster UI package you have in staging as well as share the console logs if any for when those files are changed/the white screen in voip/SmartPBX As per Monster UI documentation node >= 12 & npm. However, my default for development/testing is v14.18.0 and you can follow for investigation on local install Clone repos for Monster UI and voip/SmartPBX with branch 4.3 Change node version to v14.18.0 Install dependencies using npm install Update config.js and you should be able to use the same as your staging environment Make changes to to Monster UI and voip/SmartPBX as per https://github.com/2600hz/monster-ui/blob/2391d035888fe9fcb676bb28c5b5aa8449a35cbc/src/js/vendor/moment.js for moment.js and https://github.com/2600hz/monster-ui-voip/blob/a249edd45e60052b4624efc4020766e647643a83/submodules/callLogs/callLogs.js for callLogs.js Build and launch the web server using gulp If everything worked as expected run gulp build-prod for creating main.js Let me know how that goes/if you need any further assistance 🙂
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