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  1. @mc_ I couldn't find out what is happening, when starting the system (I think the system is not trying to load apps, because there are no logs which describe that process), but when I manually run - "sup kapps_controller start_default_apps" command, I can see logs. https://pastebin.com/LkW4pXH5
  2. @mc Thanks for your help, I had to start all apps manually and now everything works good. Is there any command to start all available apps? So, when performing command - "make release" inside kazoo's source directory, normal behaviour is that, all that apps will start automatically right? @mc you mean kazoo logs located inside /var/log/kazoo/console.log file?
  3. Greetings Everyone,I want to use a patched version of the original freeSWITCH. It's source placed in the - "/opt" directory. How can I use this patched version alongside with kazoo?
  4. I have built the kazoo from the source.When I'm performing command - kazoo-applications status it displays this: Because of that, I can't use various functions of the kazoo. Is there a way to activate whApps manually?
  5. Thank you very much! Changing outbound proxy helped me.
  6. @fmateo05 Thanks for reply. I tried what you suggested and it didn’t work. I think main problem is that there is no sip device related document in the sip_auth database.
  7. Hello everyone, I have just installed the kazoo using this documentation https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/install/install_via_centos7/ My issue is, I can't register sip accounts. I tried registering accounts from the Zoiper desktop and the various android VOIP apps. BTW i have successfully created an account in the kazoo. Here are a couple of screenshots which may be useful for you to help me. I don't know it is a problem or not, but i have installed kazoo locally in a Virtual Machine running on the MAC OS. Telephone App from the Appstore Here is Kazoo's console.log file My hosts file in the Mac OS : ========================= aio.kazoo.com aio =========================
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