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  1. Thanks @mc_, I'm now able to plug in to KAZOO over AMQP and answer an incoming call. I also found it useful inspecting the AMQP messages in a pcap taken from KAZOO when dialling in with a softphone and having Callflows answer the call, to get examples of the messages back and forth. Is there any way I can use AMQP (or even maybe REST/WebSockets) to connect a non-SIP endpoint to a call that comes through KAZOO? I see numerous options in the API to bridge/transfer/redirect, but all options seem to require a SIP call out to the endpoint. Could I use something like FreeSWITCH's mod_verto through KAZOO?
  2. Hi, I have a Java background and have recently started looking into KAZOO. I'm hoping to be able to plug in to KAZOO's AMQP message bus but from outside of KAZOO and with a Java client instead of Erlang, in order to be able to dictate what to do with an incoming call as an internal KAZOO App (such as CallFlows) might do. Is there anywhere that documents some of the lower level AMQP information, such as what queues I can subscribe to, what messages relate to what functionality, etc.? Thanks
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