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  1. Hi MC, The goal is to send information like ring group name to the second leg so the other leg know that it was started from a ring group call.
  2. Hello, Is it possible for us to send channel vars to the b-leg in a bridge scenario? Many thanks, Matheus Cruz
  3. Hi Baze, Sorry for the late response. I managed to get the scenario working with the call_waiting feature and using baresip. The previous client that I was using was not able to use call_waiting I guess. Many thanks for your support!
  4. Hi Baze, Thanks for the quick reply! No, actually none of the devices have call waiting turned on.
  5. Hello, I have the following scenario and would like to check its correctness. I have a ring group with 2 devices; A call arrives to this ring group; The first device picks up the call; Another call arrives for this ring group; The second call is rejected with "Busy" signalling. Shouldn't the second call ring the second device in the group? Many thanks.
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